Dresses On My Wish List

Over two months of zero face-to-face meet-up with friends and relatives, zero parties, zero celebratory dinners at restaurants and no church to go to during this Covid19 pandemic means I’ve not been dressing up in my pretty dresses for this long.  The only few places that I frequent the past few weeks are the supermarket, pharmacies and shopping mall nearest to where I stay to get essential items. I am usually in an old outfit sans any make-up since it’s pointless to put on lipstick and blusher as my mouth and three quarter of the face will be covered by a face mask 😷

Each time I open my wardrobe, I can feel my dresses waving to me, begging me to bring them out of the closet for a donning and strutting around in them. I am certain that the dresses have started to accumulate dust but I pretend not to see it. There are a couple of new dresses that I’d bought just before the lockdown, meant for wearing to a relative’s wedding this year but the wedding will be postponed to next year when the pandemic dies out and remains dormant. This year is going to be a very unexciting year where everyone stays at home.

Though I have no where to go now besides the supermarket to shop for groceries, the shopping addict in me is hankering to go shopping! It doesn’t matter whether it’s shopping at the mall or shopping online, as long as I  get to buy a few pretty dresses, I’ll be doing a happy dance with a glass of champagne😆 .  I used to buy a new dress every other month before Covid19 but this has now changed to online window shopping.  Even browsing at dresses, shoes and bags via the internet without buying them gives me an immense sense of satisfaction. Do you have the same feeling when you window shop?  😁

I’m now dreaming of getting some flowy beach casual dresses from Kis.net for a beach holiday in Penang or Pangkor Island this December. But do you think that December is too soon to go on a local holiday?  Do you think it’s safe to have a beach holiday six months down the road from now, given that a vaccine for Covid19 is unlikely to be available by December? The truth is, no one can give a definite answer.  In the event a local holiday is not possible by year’s end, I hope that we can at least visit my parents in Ipoh. We’ve not seen them for a long time and miss them terribly.

When the movement restriction order comes to an end, the first thing that I want to do is to buy some dresses – a green bohemian dress like the one in the photo above or a flowy blue gradient chiffon strap beach dress like the one below.  It doesn’t matter that I can’t wear it to the beach, I will still be happy donning it to swagger around the supermarket doing groceries shopping 😎




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