Fish Head Curry From Catermate

For those of you who missed out on the fish head curry from my hubby’s shop last and this Wednesday, his chef is cooking it again this Sunday, 21 June 2020 just because it’s Father’s Day 🙂

One portion is RM60 — composed of Garoupa / Grouper fish head, lady’s fingers, aubergine, tomatoes and onions. Some of you asked me how the curry tastes like – we all think it’s very close to the famous Kg Attap fish head curry 😋

To order, kindly Whatsapp 019-266 4297.  Thank you ❤️

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RMCO Day 9 ~ Thursday, 18 June 2020

Today I brought Cass to school for her to retrieve some books from her desk, as requested by the class teacher.  It’s her first time in school in over 3 months and the school looks eerily deserted and dusty. There are still no markings on the floors and tables for social distancing, which means that the school has not received any directive from the MoE yet on school reopening anytime soon. When I asked her if she missed school, she said “kind of. I’ts SO BORING at home!”  I’m happy that she misses school; we’re just waiting patiently at home for the MoE to announce when primary school kids can return to school.  Alycia who is in Form 5 will be going back to school next Wednesday and she’s not too zealous about it 🤨  Anyway, she just needs to be in school on Wednesday and Thursday but whether this arrangement is just for next week or the new norm until she completes SPM is yet to be confirmed.

Cass brought this miniature cactus to school for an experiment early this year and she’s so glad that it’s still thriving beautifully after months of being neglected at the balcony. Before she left, she brought the plant to the bathroom and watered it.

Nice view of KL skyscrapers outside Cass’ class

After takeout lunch of Wanton noodles and feeling thirsty, someone with buttery fingers brought out the GLASS bottle of blackcurrant cordial to pour some into her cup but as clumsy as ever, the glass bottle slid out of her buttery hands!!! It happened so fast I didn’t even hear the sound of glass breaking and when I turned back, I saw a scene that looked like some kind of gory murder scene at home:

“Oh. My. Gawd. I don’t know how to clean up this mess!” was all I could cuss.  It was triple trouble!  The glass broke into a million pieces and scattered few meters away.  Same thing happened to the sticky sweet cordial – it splattered on chairs, computers, everything!  And the sticky cordial seeped underneath the solid marble table with NO raised leg.  With no MANpower at home, we could not life up the dang table to wipe the cordial away.

I pray that this sort of real bloodshed will never ever happen to me or my loved ones, ever! Even the sight of this makes me turn to jelly!!

An hour later and with my feet and fingers bloodily poked by super tiny and sharp glasses, we finally finished cleaning up the bloody mess. The toughest part was moving the almost 1-tonne marble table to wipe off the sticky cordial syrup underneath 😡

Mother of all nightmares for OCD mothers!

And some cheeky fella who was prepping lemon curd as filling for her tarts just had to join in the commotion. She dipped her hand onto the blood cordial and poked some jest just for some good laughs. 😆

Our dinner tonight: stir-fried chives with fish cakes, steamed eggs + century eggs + minced pork, stir-fried Gai Choy (Chinese Mustard) with dried shrimps and beef rendang from  hubby’s shop.

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Support for Families Navigating the Adoption Process

Adopting children can be a beautiful way to begin a family; however, the process can be costly, comprehensive and stressful. With the complexity of the process, it can be difficult for families to navigate, so you will need to consider these resources and support systems to help you navigate this.

Services for Adoptions
While there are certainly private adoptions, there is also adoption facilitating service available to support both family and child throughout the process. Finding a reputable and supportive service can make the difference between a stressful and smooth process.

Pre-Adoption Counseling
Not many people know about pre-adoption counseling services that can help family and child through this transition. While it is an incredibly exciting time, adopting children can also be a transition, so utilizing these resources can help smooth that transition for all parties involved.

Financial Assistance
The process of adopting a child can be costly and sometimes even a cost-restrictive one; however, there are grants and financial assistance to aid prospective parents through the process. Do your research so that you can put your funds towards the newest addition to your home and not the process itself.

Your Employer
Many companies offer assistance to prospective parents with the adoption process, as they recognize the complexity of it. Investigate your options with your employer to see if there is any support for you and your family during this.

Your Family
Keep in mind that as you begin to form your new family, one of the biggest support systems you have is from your family. Whether you are relying on a partner, extended family or a chosen family, they are likely to be one of the best supports that you could ask for. If the process feels overwhelming or anxiety-provoking, you can rely on them.

Adoption can be such a marvelous experience, but just like any other avenue to start a family, it can also be stressful. Make sure that you have a plan and know what resources are available to you and you will have all of the care that you need as you navigate starting a family.

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