RMCO Day 27 ~ Monday, 6 July 2020 – Sherilyn On Dental Braces

Sherilyn finally got her braces fitted today after a 2-year wait.  When I brought her and Alycia to the dentist to have their teeth checked and X-ray taken two years ago, the dentist informed me that Sherilyn still had a few milk teeth that have not dropped, thus was not ready to be put on braces. She has a few crocked front teeth and a snaggletooth while Alycia had two snaggletooth and a jaw that’s not aligned.

Alycia now has a set of straightened teeth and her jaw is not protruding anymore.  I’ve completed the RM200 monthly installment for her RM6,500 braces and she has a few more months to go before the braces can be removed.

The dentist had to extract a tooth to make way for space before the braces can be fitted on Sherilyn’s teeth.

Both Alycia and Sherilyn were very calm and nonchalant throughout the braces fitting and tooth extraction session. Totally unlike their high-strung mom.

Before the dental appointment, our baking queen whipped up something that’s easy to swallow for herself – a jumbo egg custard with caramel for her dinner and breakfast for the next day.

Lunch the next day was fish porridge, which she took forever to finish.  I suggested that she should blend her food for dinner and for once, she listened to my advice!  She blitzed the fish porridge and some dishes in the Blendtec blender into a puree that’s a pure bliss to swallow.   I reminded Sherilyn that I used to blend all her meals from the time she was ready for solids until she was about 2 years old as she was a toothless toddler who only cut her first tooth when she was 12 months old. She was also a very difficult eater and needed our live-in helper, Su to feed her every single day until she was 2 years old.  Our 3 girls were all late teeth cutters; Cass only cut her first tooth when she was 14 months old.

Food for the girl on braces:

Ice-cream potong, fish porridge, matcha red beans chiffon cake, black sesame soft bread and yoghurt.

The sight of the blender with dishes brought back memories of me blending Sherilyn’s food every single night until she was about 2 years old.

Pureed fish porridge with stir-fried pork and onions and stir-fried red spinach.  Don’t you think it looks like mushroom soup?  😆

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