RMCO Day 36 ~ Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Today I finally saw some semblance of  my pre-Covid19 days. But in reality, normalcy is far from near, until a vaccine is found.  The girls are back in school today. All 3 girls woke up on their own; Sherilyn and Cass were raring to go back to school after 4  months long of boredom being cooped up at home.  Today is day 1 of Alycia’s mid-year exam. She will have to sit for a few more exams before the actual SPM exam from 6 January ~ 9 February next year!  😵

After sending Sherilyn to school, I went to the park to jog for another half an hour, just to clock in at least 6,000 steps for the morning session. Before sending Sherilyn to school, I’d brisk walked for 10 minutes at the condo jogging trek before rushing back to send hubby to his shop at 6:30 a.m. as his car was still at the repair workshop.  The remaining 2k – 3k steps  are normally acquired when I run errands and do slavery chores in the house. Throughout the MCO, I managed to clock in at least 6k-8k steps in a day 🏃‍♀️

I’d prepped myself mentally for my pre-Covid19 hectic days to resume now that schools and tuition centers reopen today.   At noon today, I received an email from my online boss who tasked me with 7 articles to write on topics that I am totally clueless!  At that time I was at the supermarket shopping for groceries, then I received an unexpected call from hubs asking me to send him to the car repair shop about 10km away to collect his car.  By the time I was back home, I had to rush to school to fetch Sherilyn, then rushed home to wait for Cassandra’s return from school.  Thankfully mil was at home to help prep lunch for us. By the time I had the time to sit down and start writing, it was already 3-ish p.m.. How the heck am I going to dish out at least 4 posts to my boss by today as promised?!  I always spend at least an hour browsing for information to understand and study the topic/product that I am assigned to write before I start writing a 400 – 500 word article.    I have another round of chauffeuring to do at 7:30 p.m. and then at 9:30 p.m. to fetch Sherilyn back from the tuition center.  Thank God our helper is here today! She’s God-sent and I pray that we can have her back in our home 5-6 times a week like she used to before the sodding pandemic crippled the world economy, when times were so much more comfortable for us.

We had fish head curry from hubby’s shop for dinner tonight. Mil also bought takeaway pig’s trotters in black vinegar and pig stomach hot pepper soup.  Was too busy to remember snapping photos of the food.

I hope your kids’ first day of school was uneventful and went smoothly.  Let’s pray  that Phase 2 and Phase 3 of school reopening (on 22 July) will run smoothly without a single new infection from schools 🙏🏻.

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Three Things To Look For in Health Insurance Policies

Finding the right health insurance policy for yourself and your dependents can be intimidating, especially with all the technical language involved in the plans and having to compare different markets and policies for the best coverage for the price. When you go with a broker, you can have many of your questions answered while he or she is determining your needs and preferences, but you should still look at the networks covered, the total costs and the perks or benefits.

Not every plan covers the same health care network, so it is important to eliminate any options which do not cover your preferred network, or which exclude your doctor. Some will let you choose almost any network or doctor, have higher copays for out-of-network specialists or not cover any doctors or facilities which are in a different network. When you work with a broker like Joel Lee Health Markets, you can choose between multiple markets and plans to find the one covering your network with the policies you need.

Total Costs
Total costs for health insurance include premiums, copays, prescription costs and deductibles. Looking at only one of these, premiums for example, can end up costing you more in the end. When you are comparing policies, look at the total costs and compare them to your health needs. Paying a higher premium can be less expensive in the long run if copays for yearly health checkups are zero and for other visits is lower than other plans, especially if you have several children needing Well Child Checks a year.

Perks and Benefits
Some plans, especially those offered through workplaces, offer perks and benefits for joining. This may include complimentary gym memberships, discounts for using fitness apps or online portals to easily manage your plans. If you need to provide documentation for reimbursement or need to quickly find a specialist covered by your plan, then having an online portal for those things can be more convenient than finding a fax machine or calling doctors from a printed booklet. You can even find some plans offering free online or virtual appointments with doctors and nurses for better access to medical professionals.

Finding the right insurance plan for you and your family means looking at the networks, total costs and perks associated with each one. This can be relatively easy when you go through a broker or you can sometimes compare the information online.

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