7 Modern Updates for Your Home

Your home’s design should spark joy and comfort, as well as offering an easy-to-manage environment that doesn’t get on top of you. Modern design is popular for this reason, as it creates a more open, updated, and manageable space, as well as introducing updated aspects that make everything a little easier than it used to be.

Here are 7 great modern updates you can introduce to your home, any time.

1.  Smart Technology
No modern home would be complete without smart technology. Smart tech has fast taken over almost every aspect of the home. Consider:

i.    A smart security system, such as cameras or a video doorbell
ii.   Smart heating to more easily control your home’s temperature
iii.  Smart lighting, to control your home lights from anywhere
iv.  Smart voice technology, so you can control your home simply with your voice

2. LED Lighting
Modern and sleek lighting design for your home should include LED options. LEDs are flexible for any room of your home, meaning you can alternate design depending on the room. You may want brighter LED strip lighting for the kitchen or under cabinets, and you may want bright overhead LEDs for your living space. LEDs are versatile lighting options.

3. Open Plan Living
For more open and modern living, try embracing an open plan. If you already have the space to work with, then ensure that your design between kitchen and living space is consistent and works well as a complete picture. If you don’t already have an open plan, you can consider knocking down a wall if you’re able, or else trying to create a more fluid living situation, like switching rooms around so that the living space is directly next to the kitchen (and taking off the door from the frame is always an option).

4. Sleek Kitchen Cabinets
Eliminate any old-fashioned cabinets with period features like antique handles and update your kitchen cabinets to a simple, bright design. You may want to replace old cabinets with soft push-to-open designs to get rid of handles altogether.

5. A More Modern Fireplace
If you enjoy having a fireplace, but want to eliminate the traditional or period design, you can always update to a wall-mounted or inbuilt electric fireplace, to complement the sleek and modern design of your home while still being able to enjoy the warmth of a cozy fire. Companies like stonewoods.co.uk provide a variety of modern fireplace designs, suited for any home.

6. Switch to Minimalism
Avoid outdated clutter altogether and switch to minimalist living, so that you can have a bright and open space which only uses the basics of modern design features so that your home feels clear and fresh.

7. Modern Art
Introduce modern art to your living space to give it that edge. Bold and geometric shapes can add a more modern touch, and think plainer art pieces in black and white rather than extensive and colorful canvases or portraits.

Whether you’ve always been a lover of a more modern design scheme, or whether you would like to switch and try something new, these 7 modern updates are must-haves for your home.

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How to Avoid Getting Sick

It’s safe to say that no one likes being sick. Being under the weather usually involves missing work or school and having to cancel plans with friends, not to mention all of the nasty symptoms and potential long-term health consequences that accompany various illnesses. Contracting an illness is unavoidable in many cases, but adhering to the following guidelines will increase your chances of staying healthy.

Get Enough Sleep
Studies have shown that the vast majority of adults require seven to nine hours of sleep each night in order to keep our immune systems in optimal condition. Skimping on sleep weakens the body’s natural defense system and makes it more susceptible to infection. Warding off sickness isn’t the only reason to get a healthy amount of sleep: sleep-deprived people have difficulty with concentration and memory, and lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain.

Man sleeping

Stay Away from Sick People
Since many diseases are contagious, a good way to avoid contracting one is to stay away from anyone who admits to feeling sick or shows symptoms. In addition to catching an illness from the respiratory droplets of an infected person, it is also very easy to get sick by touching something that an infected person recently touched. Avoid germ-covered objects for a fighting chance at staying sickness-free.

Eat a Healthy Diet
Food is fuel, and giving your body high-quality fuel is one of the best ways to make sure that it operates efficiently and is unlikely to succumb to any particular sickness. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains are important parts of a well-balanced diet. When in doubt, try to include as many different colors on your plate during any given meal as possible. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional sweet treat, but it is best to keep highly processed and sugary desserts to a minimum.

Fresh & Colorful Fruits and Vegetables Free Stock Photo

Keep Yourself Hydrated
The human body is composed of up to 60% water, and drinking several glasses a day keeps all of the body’s internal processes running smoothly. If you do manage to come into contact with an illness-causing virus or bacteria, you will be able to fight it off much more effectively if your body is well-hydrated. Try carrying a water bottle with you or keeping a full glass of water by your side to make it easy and convenient to drink throughout the day.

Getting sick is never fun, but there are many ways to be proactive and stave off illness. Try to take steps each day to improve both your physical and mental health, and both your body and your mind will thank you in the long run.

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