RMCO Day 125 ~ Monday, 12 October 2020

Today marks another dramatic day in our lives.  The Government announced that besides Sabah, KL, Selangor and Putrajaya will be placed under a Conditional MCO again, effective Wednesday, 14 October for 2 weeks.  The 2 weeks here means that the situation will be reviewed and if daily new cases are still high, the CMCO will be extended, just like how it was in the past. We all know the drill after being in it for the most part of 2020.

Today’s announcement comes as a big blow to the hubby’s business.  His income has been roiled during the initial few months of the first MCO and now comes the next CMCO.  After the news was announced today, all his confirmed events and functions were postponed and cancelled.  He was to go to Fraser’s Hill to provide catering event this Saturday and this too will be cancelled.   We thought that the worst is over but it’s starting again and we’re back to square one. Back to ground zero again. It feels like we have been struggling to stay afloat in the deep ocean and just when we have finally reached the shore and can finally breathe with ease, we are now swept back into the rough choppy sea, struggling to stay afloat and gasping for air 😭

The days of MCO from March to May will be a repeat again. Maria our part-time maid will not be able to get into our condo once again. Our girls will be stuck at home and online classes will resume again.  I shudder to think of cooking 2-3 meals a day 7 days a week and cleaning up the grease and mess after each cooking session. My right hand has just healed completely and here we go again!

I think I’m going to go homecooked just thrice a week and for the rest of the days, I’m going to order takeout.  What the heck!

I am speechless and can only hope for the best. I know that God hears my prayers and if one door is closed, another door will be open. We’re going to get through this shitty MCO and pandemic.

As I had to bring Sherilyn to the dentist for her second tooth extraction for braces in the evening, I popped into the nearby supermarket to stock up on some groceries. When I was there, the crowd had just started and by the time we left, there was a long queue with panicked shoppers doing eleventh hour lockdown groceries shopping. Here we go again with long queues at supermarkets and hoarding of toilet papers, canned food and shelves sweeping 😱

My first virtual church wedding via Zoom on Saturday, to witness my cousin’s wedding.

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Trendy Apparel For Fall 2020

I’m sure you’ve had days when you struggle to put a nice outfit together. On such days, I find it easier to start with a top. Whether it’s a V-neck bra top, a plunging neckline top or a blouse with a cowl neckline, it helps to base my look on one piece.  Then I pair the top with a denim skirt, a long pleated reversible chiffon skirt or an A-line skirt.

Now that some of you are working from home over Zoom, you can put more thoughts into the tops that you’re going to buy.  With a major part of the world being crippled by a third wave of Coronavirus and everyone including me have been staying away from shopping malls, don’t you just love it that you can buy nice tops online from thrift stores like Ninacloak?

With fall around now, many of you have swapped your chiffon dresses and short sleeve tops with fluffy sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts.

Ahead, I’ve rounded up 5 comfy fall tops and outerwear that I think you’ll love because I love them and wish I could slip into one. But not in our country’s billy boiling temps!

1. Unique collar long coat

With an elegant coat like this one, you can wear any layering tops beneath it.  From fall to winter, this coat can be worn for multi seasons and is only $30.21 at Ninacloak.


2. Round Neck Plain Batwing Sleeve Sweaters Pullover

This sweater with batwing sleeves is both comfy and trendy and will be worn on repeat. We all need a piece of this item in our closet!

3. Long Sleeves Ribbed Cotton Tee

Throw this long sleeves ribbed cotton tee in pastel pink for a casual laid-back look.


4. Lapel Elegant Plain Long Sleeve Knit Cardigan

This lapel elegant plain long sleeve knit cardigan will be the talk of your meetings.

5. V-Neck Knitted Long-Sleeved Lace-Up Sweater Shift Dress

This sweater shift dress will be your go-to dress when you’re in a hurry. This dress is both comfortable and comforting—giving shape to an otherwise formless day.

The hallmark of fall fashion, sweaters and long sleeved tops and dresses mark the onset of crisp autumn days, and provide a cozy middle ground until coats become mandatory. From statement-making trendy sweaters to Zoom-ready knits, pick your favorite fall wear at Ninacloak at affordable prices this season.



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