Cass’ High School & Alycia’s Plan Next Year

So Cass is now officially a confirmed student at the high school of her choice.  The school emailed Cass’ student ID to us two days ago. This number will be a bespoke number incorporated on the school badge which will be sewn on her uniform, which she will wear for the next 5-6 years.  Cass is a very happy camper!  But we’re both having a cocktail of emotions on her choice of high school. It’s not going to be easy in this high school and I hope that Cass will sail through the high school years just like her Alycia che che.

Speaking of Alycia, we’ve been toggling between Senior UEC at the high school (equivalent to Form 6) and Pre-U/Diploma/Foundation studies in a private college. With so much uncertainties ahead of us because of the shitty pandemic and not knowing if she can even attend physical classes in college, we have now settled for Form 6.  Classes will still be a dual mode of online classes and physical classes, depending on the pandemic situation.  When this dang pandemic is under control with a vaccine in place, we can always switch her from Form 6 to private college to pursue her Pre-U/Diploma/Foundation studies. Next year is going to be an exciting year for our girls!

Our in-house chef Sherilyn whipped up some super duper soft, pillowy and fluffy Souffle pancakes for breakfast yesterday. This girl has magic hands in the kitchen. Everything that she cooks and bakes often turn out magical!  These are the best pancakes I’ve eaten.

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Celebrating Plus Size

It’s a known fact that looking gaunt equates to being attractive. The societal benchmark of being ‘perfect’ are having good features, tall, skinny and flawless skin. In recent years, some women are breaking these stereotypes by embracing their plus sized bodies and redefining standards. But is it possible to be still healthy when one is overweight? Yes if you’re free from chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other ailments.

Over the years, the number of plus size models is increasing as more women gain confidence in how they look.  Ashley Graham’s name used to pop to mind when people talked about famous plus-size models.  As diversity becomes an increasing focus in the fashion industry, more and more plus-size models are becoming household names.

While slim still continues to be the most envied and desired body type, plus size fashion and lingerie are catching up, thanks to plus-size models who advocate their bodies positively.  It’s about time we see beauty for what it is and not what we think it should be. If you are a plus size, you can shop for an awesome collection of ladies plus size clothing and lingerie at HexinFashion. This online store has gorgeous plus size clothing and lingerie like the ones below ranging from size XL up to 6XL.

Cheap Orange Sleeveless Solid Color Maxi Dress All-Match Style

Contouring Sensation Royal Blue Large Size Cape Sleeves Ruched Dress

In the past, it’s difficult to find plus size clothing and lingerie that are fashionable, appealing and affordable. These days plus size clothing for both women and men are easily available at malls, fashion boutiques and online stores.   Some of my plus size friends buy their lingerie at plus size lingerie wholesale prices when they buy in bulk from overseas online stores and then re-sell the lingerie to friends and at social media groups to make some profits.


Fresh Purple Lace Babydoll Large Size Backless Fashion Shop Online

There is no need to be self-conscious about one’s size anymore as nobody is perfect and everyone has small imperfections.   Plus-size models are an inspiration to every plus size woman and thanks to them for advocating body acceptance that designers are paying more attention to larger sizes. Being able to wear anything they see on display is something any woman can now do, thanks to the change in designers’ attitudes.

HexinFashion carries an amazing selection of plus size clothing, sleepwear and lingerie for women at affordable prices. There are many styles and colors waiting for you to discover on this online platform. If you’re a plus size, celebrate your body just the way it is. Show off your seductive curves and flaunt your cleavage.  Take advantage of the best plus size wholesale Black Friday Sale 2020 to save even more money.




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3 Great Tips for Staying Stress-Free During Challenging Times

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world today? There’s never been a better time to take stock of your stress levels, as they have a great effect on your quality of life. Here are three tips to stay stress-free during these challenging times.

1. Buy a Pet

It’s no secret that spending time with pets gives owners feelings of happiness and an overall sense of calm. When searching for a new pet, it’s important to take into account how your home can handle the animal of your choosing. It’s also important to purchase animals that are certified, as they’ve been bred in an ethical manner. If you want a companion that will give you comfort during these times, go with certified German Shepherd puppies and find your new loyal friend.

2. Spend Time Outdoors

Nature has a way of calming the mind, body and spirit. Luckily, it’s so easy to spend a little extra time in nature. Even enjoying your morning coffee on your front porch or in your backyard can help you start the day off right. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

3. Follow a Routine

You may be surprised to know that following a routine actually reduces feelings of stress, which has a huge effect on your mental health. Follow a regular schedule for eating and make time in your day to exercise. In addition, try to get to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning – prioritize sleep as part of your routine and you’ll feel more rested and refreshed.

It’s always important to take the steps necessary to improve your overall feelings of well-being. Follow these tips and you’ll get through these tough times and come out more resilient than ever.

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