CMCO Day 132 ~ Monday, 19 Oct 2020

Hubs called me for an unplanned breakfast today. These days we engage in quite a bit of business talks and brainstorming together as I’m assisting him in the bento box delivery department.  Today he wanted to sample Western breakfast sets at a couple of cafes as he’s in the midst of introducing Western breakfast sets into his menu and at his best pal’s newly opened cafe. He also has some other business ideas in the offing, which needs some fine-tuning.

We shared a French breakfast set at the first cafe.  Everything about this sublimely set suits me to a T and I loved it – from the specially executed French omelette to the ground Porcini mushrooms, the toasts and coffee.  The lavish set comes with a befitting price tag too, which, in our opinion, would not auger well in the current depressing economic climate. Yes the food is sublime and supreme but the price does not go down well with most people’s pockets.

Then we sauntered to the next cafe, which is just next to the first. We shared a no-frills basic Western breakfast set, a plate of basic Mee Siam and a slice of butter cake. We were already pretty stuffed but hubs wanted to try other cafe’s items to compare with his shop’s.

From our observation, the cafe that sells no-frills basic breakfast sets at a budget price entices more customers than their higher end competitor neighbor.  We drew a conclusion that between quality and price, regular wage earners still prefer cheap and affordable no-frills meals vs luxe meals!

Which do you prioritize – better taste and quality food at a higher price or basic no-frills mediocre food?


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Denim Skirts – Every Girl’s Wardrobe Staple

Since my teenage years up until now, I have an obsession with denim skirts.  I especially love washed denim mini skirts.  My perennial obsession with denim skirts have resulted in a good collection of this fashion item sequestered in my wardrobe over the years. I have outgrown some and the larger size ones were bought after the birth of my 3 babies.  But I’m not giving them away just yet. Who knows I may be able to fit into the larger size skirts in the event I put on some weight 10 years down the road. And the smaller size ones are still waiting for takers from my girls. So far, none of them likes denim skirts 🙄

Denim skirt outfits have been around since the dawn of time.  They are the least embellished and most worn of the many. It is not restricted by age, body type and skin color.  Denim skirts are versatile, chic, playful, elegant, fun, evergreen and I can go on and on about the advantages of wearing them and why every girl should have a few designs of denim skirt in her closet.

While virtual window shopping today, I found a wholesale clothing online store that carries an amazing collection of chic, rugged, elegant, playful, classic and even trashy denim skirts. I’m drooling at the skirts now!  I’ve shortlisted these few:

Side Hollow Out Skinny Blue Denim Skirt @ USD12.87 from

Side Hollow Out Skinny Blue Denim Skirt

Button Fly Tassel Hem Ripped Denim Skirt @ USD13.87

Button Fly Tassel Hem Ripped Denim Skirt For Women

Vintage High Waist Hole Denim Skirts @ USD11.29.  I even like the cropped denim top but I think someone is going to pass some carping comments if she saw me strutting this out of the house! 😏

Vintage High Waist Hole Denim Skirts

Retro Solid Irregular Ladies Denim Skirt @USD10.32

Retro Solid Irregular Ladies Denim Skirt

Which skirt do you think would suit a 47-year old petite lady? I seem to have a problem with decision making.  Sometimes when I can’t settle with one, I buy all! At, there’s a Buy-4-free-1 promotion on selected denim skirts!  Isn’t this a good enough reason to grab all 4 skirts? I can always re-sell them if they don’t fit me 😁

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