Salvaging & Transforming A Failed Dish Into A Famed Dish

Yesterday was one of those rare days that the stars weren’t aligned for our in-house teenage chef.  Everything that she cooked was a flop, sort of.  She made skewered boneless chicken thighs but it didn’t turn out as expected – the  pan-fried chicken didn’t have the charred parts and tasted undercooked.  The grilled egg plants + potatoes + big onions were also undercooked.  The lemon and herbs rice was a joke that made everyone cackle at the dining table. After each spoonful of rice that we put into our mouths, we had to snigger.  Take a look at the lemon herbs rice  – we had envisioned fluffy and aromatic rice but the rice turned out looking and tasting like porridge risotto and Korean rice cakes.  Or maybe like baby food 😆

I told Sherilyn not to bin the rice as she’d put in so much effort and time into cooking it and suggested that I could buy some Mozzarella cheese and roast chicken breast the next day to bake the failed lemon herbs rice. But this creative girl had some other ingenious plans with the flopped rice. She gave the rice a total transformation and churned out some crispy fried sushi the next day!

She made an assortment of fried sushi with the failed rice by coating the rice with Panko bread crumbs before pan-frying them. The result was a big batch of totally disguised, yummy and crispy fried sushi!

She pan-fried some eggs rolls and spam meat for the Uramaki.  Sherilyn is now a pro when it comes to making Japanese egg rolls. It’s a skill that comes so naturally for her.

She also made some ‘fusion Nigiri’ with a restauranty edge 😆.  Food that’s aesthetically pleasing some how tastes better, eh?😆

Sherilyn gave a box of sushi to her beloved kakak Maria who was here today.  Maria always gets a share of everything that we cook and bake.  During the MCO when she wasn’t allowed into our condo, I occasionally drove somewhere nearby to meet her to pass Catermate’s daily bento boxes to her.

This packet of locally made Panko bread crumbs is pretty good.  It gives all her panko coated dishes a very crispy and less oily texture. It’s available at 99 Speedmart and only costs RM4.15 a packet.

I also collected food from Catermate for lunch today – Mee Siam with chicken rendang and sambal.

Mee Siam set from hubby’s shop @ Catermate is priced at RM15/box.

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58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(opposite Bomba, same row as 99 Speedmart)

🚛 Delivery via Grab (paid by customer)

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What To Do When You Work Full-Time and Your Child Starts Full-Day School

Starting school can be an amazing time and watching your kids grow up can be a wonderful time for a parent; however, a full day of school does not always work well for full-time employees. Considering the school day typically ends earlier than the average workday, many parents find themselves struggling in these few extra hours. If you are about to make this transition, here are a few things that you can do.


Scheduling childcare can help you rest assured that your little one is safe and cared for. Whether you have a family member who can watch your children for a few hours, your neighborhood has cooperative community care or you have after school care Tampa FL, this can help you continue your normal work schedule. It is even better if you can find a way to keep your child having fun and mentally stimulated.

Girl sitting on playmat

Alternative Work Arrangements

If you have limited options, you can also talk to your manager and your company about flexible work options. Whether you work from home for a few hours at the end of the day or have a compressed workweek, there may be alternatives to your standards schedule that can better accommodate your child’s new schedule. You’ll never know until you ask.

Young boy building 3d objects

Talking to Your Child

Transitioning to a full-day schedule can be a scary time for children. If you want to ensure that this is a smooth transition for everyone, you should take some time to talk to your kids about this next step. By taking the time to help them understand the process, you can manage their expectations, reduce some of the fear of the transition and even get them excited. By investing time into this conversation, you can reduce the barriers and meltdowns during the initial stages of transition.

If you are worried about managing your work life and your home life as your child starts school, this is a normal worry for many parents. While this can be intimidating, you can navigate this process with ease if you plan and prepare.

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