CMCO Day 137 ~ Saturday, 24 October 2020

One of hubby’s business associates is the latest casualty of the severe economic fallout. The successful event organizing business that she built over the decade crumbled under the weight of economic hardship brought on by the pandemic.  My heart bleeds for her and her staff who have to lose their source of income.   After clearing her office to move out, she gave hubby a big box of brand new fine Japanese tableware and mugs, still wrapped up in newspapers and encased in boxes without asking for a cent. Bless her generous heart and I hope that she will be able to find new opportunities very soon.

Such pretty and carefully crafted tableware. This would have cost a lot had we bought them.

Cass and I love these patterned pastel blue and pink bowls. They’re so exquisite and intricately carved.

1228 is an auspicious number for the Chinese but we definitely don’t like seeing such a number in the daily Covid-19 status update.  Today our country reported 1228 new cases.  I am certain that the CMCO will be extended beyond 27 October 😭

With his wings clipped even longer, we are really not sure how long more hubby’s catering business can sustain in this economic fallout where no social gatherings are allowed 😓.   Competition in the food delivery sector is extremely stiff.  A few days ago in a  food delivery group on Facebook, someone requested for food to be delivered to the KLCC area for 30 pax and over 200 food delivery companies and homebased cooks fought real hard to win the small slice of cake.

The latest economic casualty at our neighborhood – another two shops shuttered for good.

My wish now is for hubby’s business to be able to sail through this stormy weather and emerge unscathed. This year will be extremely tough on us but I am confident that we will win the war.

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