Our Talented Teenage Chef

Alycia and I realized that our dear in-house chef has a special preference when it comes to cooking. She seems to really enjoy making sushi/Gimbap and egg rolls. And everything Korean and Japanese!  With whatever she can find in the fridge, she has the Midas touch to transform all the ingredients into some very appetizing and aesthetically pleasing sushi, Gimbap and egg rolls in a jiffy, like a professional chef.  Her grandma and I can already hang up our aprons as we have such a talented and earnest chef at home to take over this chore.  And my very persnickety and critical MIL is starting to love what her talented grand daughter could dish out  😊

But we can only enjoy her cooking and bakes during the CMCO and holidays. Once school resumes when the CMCO is lifted, she’ll be back to her hectic life again.

Yesterday Sherilyn dished out these yummy egg rolls for lunch, as there was still quite a bit of leftover egg whites in the fridge after she used the yolks to make Frangipane tart and orange curd.

Fried spam and carrots in the middle, followed by seaweed, pan fried egg whites and lastly pan fried whole eggs. These keto egg rolls not only look alluring, they are really scrumptious.  I wonder where she learned to make all these from!

Lovely craftsmanship of artisanal food!

In the evening she prepped these Gimbap/Kimbap in a jiffy again because everyone else had Yomei’s purple rice yoghurt and this fussy girl finds it yucky to be chewing and gulping down rice with cold yoghurt 😬

Such a LOT of work goes into her Gimbap – the julienned carrots were sauteed, the sweet potato leaves were blanched, then seasoned the Korean style with sesame seed oil and soy sauce, egg strips and SPAM were pan fried before these were rolled with rice in a bamboo sushi mat.  But for someone who loves cooking, the entire preparation is a joy, though very tedious.

Alycia and I  thoroughly enjoyed our Yomie’s purple rice yoghurt for dinner and Cass had melon yoghurt. I think it’s quite a well balanced drink with protein from the yoghurt, and carbs and fiber from the chewy and addictive flavorful purple rice.  The fresh yoghurt and purple rice blend give the beverage a viscous and creamy consistency, while not being overly sweet.  These drinks are filled with beneficial probiotics and many people consume this drink as a meal replacement or diet drink.   Even the mil approved this drink as a meal for dinner! 😆

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A Guide to Staying Safe on Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Whether you are planning to ride a motorbike yourself, or if it is one of the kids who has an adventurous spirit, safety should be your number one priority. After all, you are at a higher risk of suffering a serious injury when you are on a two-wheeled vehicle. So, here are a few of the ways that you can protect your well-being when riding a motorbike or scooter. 

Choose the Right Vehicle 
First of all, you need to choose your vehicle carefully, so check out bmgscooters.com for some good options. If you are buying a second-hand vehicle, you need to be particularly selective as a pre-owned vehicle is more likely to have faults. If you are buying new, you should look for a trusted retailer.

Wear the Appropriate Protective Equipment and Clothing 
Once you have selected the right vehicle, you then need to invest in the best protective equipment and clothing. First of all, you need a good solid helmet as protecting your head is paramount. One with a face shield also gives you that added layer of protection to your face area. You should also wear leather clothing as this will give your body a good level of defence should you end up in an accident. Gloves and shoes with non-skid soles are other items to add to your shopping list. Reflective tape and fluorescent clothing will also help you to be seen when you are riding during the night-time hours.

Follow All Traffic Rules 
You should have already taken a license to drive your two-wheeled vehicle, but following the rules of the road is obviously highly important as they have been put in place for a reason. If you are in a different country or state, you need to follow all traffic rules of the local area.

Ride Defensively 
As we mentioned at the start of the article, when you are on a motorbike or scooter, you are in a more vulnerable position on the road. This means that you should adopt a more defensive riding style as this will keep you safe from the bigger vehicles that are out on the road. A huge proportion of accidents occur when drivers do not notice bikes or you are in their blind spot, which means that you should avoid driving too aggressively as it is your own safety that you will end up putting at risk.

Keep Your Bike Properly Serviced 
Before you embark on any journey – and particularly before you head out on a long ride – you should ensure that you keep your bike properly serviced. Take a look at your tires and look out for any bulges or signs of wear and tear. You also need to ensure that they are always properly pumped up. Look for any signs of oil leaks that have occurred underneath the motorbike or scooter. Check your headlights to ensure that they are in good working order. Also, inspect your hydraulic and coolant fluids on a weekly basis.

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