Dinner ~ Saturday, 28 November 2020

Our teenage chef cooked a big pot of kimchi soup that was so spicy that everyone was left gasping, breathless, dribbling with goo and gulping down cups of cool water 😅 .  I went grocery shopping with Sherilyn yesterday morning and she chose a new brand of chili powder, which she didn’t think was so hot!  Though there was so much kick from the super hot and burning chili, all of us kept helping ourselves to the delicious hot pot of kimchi soup with fresh fish balls and fish noodles that were delivered to our condo from Tg. Sepat in the morning.

Sherilyn also made Gimbap which she aces in. She can make really delish Gimbap in a jiffy.


She loves going grocery shopping with me so that she could get the ingredients that she wants to cook what she likes 😁

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Home-cooked Korean Dinner ~ Thursday, 26 November 2020

It’s Korean for dinner again, by Chef Sherilyn!

This time she cooked Bulgogi pork and pork ribs, kimchi soup, black fungus salad, home-made kimchi and home-made pickled radish.  The last two dishes were prepped a couple of weeks ago.

The pork and pork ribs were marinated with fresh pear and kiwi juice, red onions, scallions, garlic, ginger, soy suace, pepper and sugar. The marinate is basically a smoothie of fruits and roots.  Everyone was super happy and satisfied with the  dinner which is comparable to those from authentic expensive Korean restaurants!

Pan-grilled Bulgogi. It’s super delish ~ tender smokey meat that’s very well marinated and flavorful. This dish just pushes all the right buttons!
Black fungus salad ~ seasoned with Lee Kum Kee rice vinegar, sugar, chopped garlic, chilis, scallions, sesame seed oil and soy sauce.

Life just got a little sweeter and easier when there’s a very earnest junior chef who loves eating and trying out new recipes 🥰.  We have about 6 more weeks to be her happy guinea pigs before school resumes in mid 2021.

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Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

We all know that having a good pillow helps us to get a restful sleep at night.   An important factor for a healthy and happy life is getting an adequate amount of good quality sleep every night.  A key factor towards achieving this is to invest in a good quality pillow.

Have you ever bought a pillow that’s either too soft or too hard and it affected your sleep so badly that you had to give the pillow away?  Over the years, I’d spent quite a bit of money buying new pillows and bolsters but hardly found the perfect one for myself.

The primary role of a good pillow is to provide good support for your neck and upper back when you sleep.   This support is needed due to the natural curves in our spine. Having the correct support for our head and neck will help the alignment of these spinal areas. Sleeping without adequate support will not only negatively affect our sleep, but it can also lead to issues including joint and muscular stiffness.  Sometimes, a crick in the neck or stiff shoulder blades caused by an unsuitable pillow can persist for days and even weeks and the persistent pain can affect us emotionally.

Last week I received a new Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow from Origin Mattress, the specialists in mattresses and pillows. It’s one of the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever gotten myself!  It’s exactly a week that I’ve been sleeping on the pillow and I’m absolutely satisfied with it.  The pillow is soft yet firm enough to support my neck and head.  My head doesn’t sink into the pillow when I sleep on my back; and it gives support to my neck when I sleep on my sides.  When I wake up in the morning, I don’t get cricks on my neck. Best of all, the pillow is cooling as it’s made from high quality natural latex infused with a cooling gel formula, making it an absolute dream to lay my head on it, especially on hot nights.

The Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow is delicately designed by a team of experts in Germany and has a 2-year warranty (how cool is that!).  It comes with a removable Tencel fabric pillow cover that is easy to clean and suitable for machine wash – this is another plus point for an OCD like me who likes my bedding items washed regularly 🤗

Another feature that I love about the Origin pillow is the latex material of the pillow will mould accordingly to the shape of my head. This gives me the perfect level of sleep support.  Made with 100% natural materials, the pillow has hypoallergenic properties and suitable for people like me who have an allergy to dust.

Photo credit: https://expressphotography.com.sg/

Worried of a pillow that will attract dust mites or breed bacteria?  Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow is:
✓ Anti-Dust Mite
✓ Anti-Bacteria
✓ Anti-Mircobial

I would never scrimp and save on a pillow that I sleep on everyday for 6-7 hours a day for the next 2 to 3 years.  At a discounted price of only RM400, the Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow is a great investment for better quality sleep and better quality of life.

Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow has been voted as the The Best 8 Pillows in Singapore, ranking top on the list.  I think it deserves the coveted rating as the pillow has gone through dozens of sleep trials, more than 10 different product tests and 100 density changes before making its entrance into the market.

If you’re hunting for a good quality pillow that gives you the perfect support for your head, neck and upper body, I strongly recommend Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow.  For more information on Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow, visit their social media pages at the following links:

Origin Mattress
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Best in Singapore
Website | Facebook | Instagram


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Vitamins & Minerals: Do Young Children Need Them?

As a parent, you only want the best for your kids’ health, both today and in the long term. If you have young children, you might be looking through Wellements multivitamin reviews and wondering what kinds of vitamins and minerals your kids need to be at their best. Whether you choose to get your kids wellements probiotic gripe water or you’re simply focusing on assembling as balanced and well-rounded a diet as possible, understanding kids’ nutritional requirements and daily values of essential vitamins and minerals is the foundation for raising well-nourished kids with a basis for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Take a look at what you need to know about the vitamins and minerals young children need the most.

Amounts of Nutrients Needed Vary Based on Multiple Factors
If you’re scrolling through several Wellements reviews and wondering whether certain statements apply to your children, you should know that the exact amount of nutrients a child needs can vary significantly based on a multitude of factors. For example, your child’s physical size, age and lifestyle, including how much exercise and movement they get in a typical day, can all play a role. Younger children, as a rule of thumb, require fewer calories and smaller portion sizes, including lower nutrient requirements as well. As those kids get older, however, their nutrient needs go up along with calorie requirements and so on.

Several Nutrients Are Foundational Throughout Childhood
With that in mind, it’s essential to make sure your kids are getting enough of several foundational nutrients that help them develop throughout childhood. By giving them proper nutrition now, you can help ensure they develop good habits and a strong immune system that can help keep them healthy throughout their lives. Some vitamins and minerals to double-check that they’re getting enough of include:

Vitamin D
B vitamins
Vitamin A

Keep in mind that while kids can usually get enough of these through diet, this may not always be the case. For instance, if your kids don’t eat a lot of fatty fish and eggs or don’t get too much sunlight, you may want to ask their pediatrician about working in a vitamin D supplement.

Crafting a Well-Rounded Daily Diet Is Key
Of course, while supplements can help fill in the nutritional gaps, providing your children with a healthy and well-rounded diet is the best way to make sure they’re getting their vitamins and minerals every day. Try to include a mix of food groups in each meal. For instance, balance fruits and veggies with protein and starches.
When it comes to nutrition, there’s no question that young children need a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, either through their diet or via guided supplementation. Whichever option you choose, understanding your kids’ nutritional requirements can act as a guidepost for what you choose to serve them and the habits that you can help instill in them. Consider adding in multivitamins to ensure your kids are getting all the nutrients they need for healthy development.

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Dabbling In Latte Making

Besides playing masak-masak throughout the MCO, Sherilyn is now honing her latte making skill.  She’s been experimenting with frothy latte with latte art the past few days because I happened to buy a new brand of fresh milk (Milky Hokkaido full cream milk) and it’s suitable for baristas.    I would say that her different flavors of latte taste and look like those from cafes. However, she needs to work on the latte art part.  Not bad at all for this self-taught barista!

Hot chocolate latte:

Cafe latte:

Matcha latte:


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Milk for Pregnant Moms — What to Drink During Pregnancy

When I found out that I was pregnant with Alycia, my first born, I couldn’t believe my luck as she was an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) baby conceived via IUI.  Our fertility specialist told me on the day of my IUI procedure that only 1% of my hubby’s  ‘little swimmers’ were good.  I lost hope instantly but prayed fervently for a miracle to happen.  God heard my prayers and a miracle indeed happened ❤️.

My pregnancy was however fraught with challenges one after another and I had to be on partial bed rest almost throughout the pregnancy. The all-day sickness was so bad that I could not keep down any food during the first trimester. My weight dropped to 42kg when I was 3 months pregnant.  Even when the nauseous feeling eased later, I had no appetite to eat anything for the rest of the pregnancy. The only foods that I liked were fresh milk, maternal milk, bird’s nest and fruits 😂. My day started off with a cup of chocolate flavored maternal milk and bird’s nest and my supper was fresh milk with bird’s nest and double boiled chicken essence (several times a week). My lunch and dinner portions were extremely small.  I couldn’t eat much throughout my pregnancy as I had an Irritable Uterus which would cause uncomfortable contractions each time I ate or drank from the second trimester onwards.

Though I couldn’t eat much  throughout my pregnancy, Alycia was born with a healthy weight of 3.36kg.   I only gained 10 kg in that pregnancy.  The maternal milk, fresh milk, bird’s nest and double boiled chicken essence must have provided all the necessary nutrients to the baby ☺️. I shed off all the weight gained pretty easily within 3 months.

Why is maternal milk important during pregnancy?

One of the first things gynaes will suggest to new moms-to-be is that they start taking prenatal vitamins like folic acid.  Another important item that moms-to-be will start looking for is maternal milk.

Maternal milk is formulated with essential nutrients for pregnant and lactating moms.  One of the key ingredients in maternal milk is folic acid, which is very important in helping with the growth and development of the growing foetus.

Other important nutrients in maternal milk are calcium, iodine, vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, DHA, protein and many more. Some brands of maternal milk are sugar-free.  Frisomum® Gold®’s maternal milk is low in Glycemic Index (GI) to help pregnant mums maintain a healthy weight throughout their pregnancy.

Frisomum Gold pregnancy milk powder from the Netherlands pink tin

Source from Frisomum® Gold®

Most pregnant moms will experience morning sickness and have trouble keeping food down during the first trimester. Some moms can’t eat well throughout the pregnancy.  Maternal milk is an excellent way to supplement their nutritional intake during this crucial period.

Would you gain excessive weight from maternal milk?

1.  No. 1-2 glasses a day with a balanced diet and without eating for two will not cause excessive weight gain.

2.  Many mommies gain a lot of weight during pregnancy as they ate for two throughout their pregnancy. Eating for two is the most common diet blunder during pregnancy. While your baby’s nutrition depends on your diet, this doesn’t mean you need to eat double the amount during pregnancy.  Overeating may increase your risk of gestational diabetes, which would result in bigger babies.

While guidelines vary, the Institute of Medicine says if you have a healthy weight, you need no additional calories in the first trimester; you only need 340 extra calories a day in the second trimester, and about 450 extra calories a day in the third trimester. If you’re overweight or underweight, you’ll need more or less than this depending on your weight gain goal.

It takes only a couple of glasses of maternal milk or low fat milk and a handful of  seeds and nuts or a tuna sandwich to add enough calories for that last trimester.

If you’re still not sure whether pregnant moms need maternal milk, the best way is to consult your gynae. Your gynae will be able to advise you based on your weight, your growing baby’s weight and other factors.  You can also listen to what the experts say about maternal milk to learn more.


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Monday Dinner ~ 23 November 2020 (Tung Por Yoke / Dong Po Rou)

Our teenage chef whipped up braised Tung Por Yoke (Dong Po Rou) for dinner tonight.  And we were all her willing and happy guinea pigs again. She’s been wanting to try this recipe for a long time but we kept getting food from hubby’s shop, thus she had to postpone trying out this recipe umpteen times.

For a first timer, this dish was very well executed – it’s a mouthwatering bold and bright reddish brownish oink oink dish with the red colouring coming naturally from red rice yeast.

The 5-layer pork is first simmered in the sauce for about an hour, in low fire. We used a clay pot for this step.   She tied the pork block with the recycled hemp strings from the bak zhang that we had for lunch 😬

Then the pork is transferred to a Staub cast iron pan and steamed on a bamboo rack on high heat for another hour.

Give in to temptation! This Dong Po Rou is mind-blowingly delish. Even the foodie hubs who’s very stingy with praises gave the thumbs up.

We also had zucchini omelette and cili fish from Catermate.

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Which Vitamins and Supplements Should You Take

Your body requires vitamins to heal, develop, and function. There are at least thirteen essential vitamins and 16 minerals. Some of the common vitamins include A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K. With many vitamins and supplements, and it becomes difficult to determine the best combination. There are companies dedicated to ensuring you lead a healthy lifestyle by manufacturing supplements and vitamins.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is on top of the list of the vitamins you should take. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium, thus improving the health of the bones. If you don’t take this vitamin, you will be more likely to get sick, and you will also experience back and bone pain. In some cases, you will experience hair loss. You can get all the supplements you need from Level Up Nutrition. Some of the foods that give vitamin D include:

• Cereals, milk and juice
• Yolks from eggs
• High amount of fatty fish


Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for our bodies, meaning you should do everything possible to get it from supplements or food. Magnesium is critical for energy production and the health of bones. When you consume magnesium, it can reduce stress and calm your nervous system. Apart from easing sleep problems, it can also regulate nerve and muscle function. Magnesium is also well known for:

1. Balancing the level of blood sugar
2. It helps make proteins and bones

Zinc and Iron

Research has shown that the amount of zinc in stressed and older is always low. This makes a large portion of the global population. Being an essential mineral supports the immune system. You should buy zinc supplements by all means as it helps the body to use fat, proteins and carbohydrates for energy. If you have a wound, having zinc in your body will ensure faster healing. Eat meat and spinach for zinc.

Iron should top your multivitamin list. However, you should be careful about the amount of iron you take as not everyone requires the same amount. Iron is responsible for increasing energy in the body. It is also responsible for healthy red blood cells and better brain functioning. Apart from buying iron as a supplement, you can also get it from eating meat. However, for women, pregnancy may increase iron requirements in the body.


Can I rely on vitamins and supplements?

Vitamins and supplements should be viewed as boosters and bonuses to food. They should never be taken as a replacement for food. Our body works well with natural nutrients derived from the food we eat. It is advisable to eat food rich with vitamins and supplements instead.

When can Start to take vitamins and supplements?

There is no early or late time to start taking supplements. You can start taking vitamins and supplements as long as you can afford them. If you don’t have any information on these products, consult a professional nutritionist. You are responsible for your health.

What do I need to consider while taking supplements and vitamins?

The most important things you should consider are your health and lifestyle goals. The number of supplements you need may be lower or higher than you thought, depending on your lifestyle and health goals.

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How Does Shipping Bids Work?

A friend of my hubby who is in the trucking business has recently lamented to us how his business has been affected since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. From a bustling business with five staff and making an average of five trips in a day, the partial lockdown imposed on our country has affected his business badly.  Recently, he had to retrench three of his staff and liquidate three of his trucks.

The rapid and seemingly unstoppable spread of Covid-19 in almost every part of the world has caused a major impact on global shipping markets, with the slump in demand for goods from China having a ripple effect on everything from container ships to oil tankers. The transportation industry too, is not spared from the extreme challenges caused by the pandemic.  The  health crisis of the nation has roiled supply chains and inflicted financial hardship on many transportation and logistics companies.

Although logistics drivers have been exempt from the non-essential business closures and shelter in place orders implemented by the authorities around the world, there are disruptions that could not have been avoided even with careful preparation. There have been incidences of long waiting times at pickup and delivery points due to a lack of on-site staff, which has disrupted and clogged up many receiving schedules and caused slower than usual turnaround times for freight.

As many manufacturers, restaurants, retailers, hotels and other businesses temporarily closed down or slowed production, freight volumes drop precipitously in tandem.  If you are in the shipping and logistics sector and are looking for ways to find jobs and shippers, freight bidding or shipping bidding is an effective way to increase your presence.

The main advantages of shipping bids is that the customers get better rates and more value for their money as there are so many shipping and truck companies bidding for the job. On the shipping firm’s side, freight bidding can boost capacity and strategic value simultaneously. Since bidding involves re-entering negotiations and working with more carriers, it can help shippers realize the benefits of a more extensive carrier network. Instead of focusing solely on individual areas, carriers can expand their reach.

When the shipping auction ends, the job is usually awarded to the lowest bidder, subject to the client’s discretion. The job may be awarded to a higher bidder with a better average feedback or review rating from past clients. Review ratings are used to break any ties for the lowest bid.

Online freight bidding sites or truck load boards are aplenty for both shippers and carriers to establish better ties.  One of the best online platforms out there is Shiply. There are thousands of jobs posted on the Shiply online platform daily, meaning you will always find something suitable for your needs. You can bid on work for truck loads if that’s your vehicle of choice. Or, if  you are looking for freight bidding, you will find many freight loads available to bid on all over USA.  At Shiply, you can get the most relevant matches for your business – the right load for the right truck or ship at the right price, no matter where you are.

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Simple Ways to Exercise Your Brain

These days, everyday routines require less and less effort and interaction. While this can make life more convenient, it can also cause your brain to suffer, affecting your ability to perform tasks accurately and efficiently. However, research has shown that the brain is capable of change and cognitive growth no matter what the age or stage of life. Keep your mind active and your brain healthy with these simple ideas.

Enjoy Some Fun Games

From religious word search books to strategy board games, you can have fun while exercising your brain at the same time. Any activity that requires focus, concentration or active thinking can fire off the neurons in your brain. Fortunately, games also make these activities incredibly entertaining. While many digital games can achieve the same purpose, try to go screen-free to improve your fine motor skills at the same time.

Your source for a fun Bible word search book from Bakersfield, CA

Learn a Musical Instrument

Playing music has a host of benefits for your mind, from improving coordination, focus and memory to boosting mood. While some people may think of learning an instrument as a children’s hobby, it’s actually never too late to start. Many studios offer group classes and individual lessons for adult students, along with hours that fit your work schedule. If you don’t want to invest in a new instrument, look for used and rental options in your area to save a few bucks.

french horn


It may seem a bit obvious, but reading is an excellent way to actively engage your mind. Reading for entertainment is a great place to start, since it helps boost creativity, develop inner language and improve vocabulary. Try to add some non-fiction reading to help challenge your brain even more as you learn new things. This is an easy way to help you develop a more well-rounded perspective on the world around you. If you’re not sure where to begin, there are many websites dedicated to helping readers find a new book to read.

Exercising your brain may be easier than you think. Try something new and fun to keep your mind active today for a better tomorrow.

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CMCO Day 166 ~ Sunday, 22 November 2020

Hubs has bento box prepping at his shop in the morning, followed by a private kitchen event attended by celebrities in the evening. Since I have some free time on a Sunday, I went to his shop to help him with the photography to post on Catermate’s Facebook page as I’m helping him to manage the page.

Today’s lunch is chicken ham spaghetti from hubby’s kitchen and Yomie’s purple rice x yoghurt.  Funnily, I didn’t really like this beverage the first time I tasted it. However, during the first MCO when hubby’s friend treated us to this yoghurt with chewy purple rice, I got hooked to it.  Sherilyn and Cass find this combo bizarre and don’t like it.  Well that’s good news to me as I don’t have to buy 4 cups for the 4 of us. It’s pretty expensive at RM13.90 a cup.  And to be fair, I alternate between Yomie’s and Tealive / Gong Cha for the girls.  Last week Sherilyn and Cass had Gong Cha, so this week we’re having Tealive. Next week we’re having Tealive again.

Do you know the reason why I’m ordering milk tea and Yomie’s every week? I can feel my stress and anxiety melt away as I sip the drink down my throat🤭 .

Ever since Cass did a Cycstoscopy procedure under GA two weeks ago, I’ve been having anxiety. And I’ve been swamped with work the past two weeks. The stress is causing me heart palpitations and I just needed to do something to de-stress.  My daily morning run under the blazing 10 a.m. sun works wonders.  Since my fortnightly retail therapy is no longer feasible and safe now, I get the high whenever I order milk tea and Yomie’s 😁.  And I order food from random Facebook home chefs too to support them, just like how so many people are supporting my hubby’s food delivery business now.

Dinner is Yin Yang Kimchi fried rice by Sherilyn, using the kimchi that she made.

Dessert ~ cutesy coconut jelly from hubby’s shop.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

This year seems to have whizzed past us so fast even though most of us have been locked up at home for the most part of this year because the world has been roiled by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that I’ve reminded you that Christmas is just a month away, have you started shopping for Christmas gifts yet? I know most of you have not gone to the shopping mall for a long time because of the movement restriction order and shelter in place imposed in your country by the Government. Many of you, just like me, still feel jittery going to the mall as there have been an alarming number of Covid positive cases detected in malls. Thank God for the convenience and advancement of eCommerce, all your shopping needs can now be done online though you may be stuck at home.

For those of you with good friends, business partners and loved ones living in Hong Kong, you can order high quality gifts and flowers online from Give.Gift.Boutique for these special people in your life for Christmas. Though you are not able to meet them in your life right now due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, you can show your care, appreciation and love to them via gifts and flowers sent to them from Give.Gift.Boutique.

Hong Kong Give.Gift.Boutique. is a leading florist and gift shop which delivers top quality gifts, hampers, and bouquets. I have handpicked a few lovely gifts from GiveGift perfect for Christmas gifting to friends, loved ones and business associates.

1.  Christmas Present Box S38
The Christmas Present Box S38 is for the Agnes B fan who enjoys imported snacks such as Crabtree & Evelyn / Marks & Spencer crisp biscuit curls (made in France), FOSSIER, France, Framboise Macarons gift box /European premium Cookies or chocolate gift box and comes with a bottle of imported sparkling wine. It comes with Xmas décor and a Xmas doll in a picnic rectangular gift box. This is for her, who could be your sweetheart, your mom, sister or a colleague.


2  Christmas Hamper X4
The Christmas Hamper X4 contains 12 items (including container) with luxurious brands such as Godiva, France AOC Red Wine, The Peninsular, Agnès b. delices, among others. This gift is suitable for him – someone who is a fan of imported chocolates and enjoys an occasional booze. This luxurious hamper comes with a brown color synthetic leather casing. 


3. Christmas Hamper M15
The Christmas Hamper M15 contains 17 luxurious items (including container), with brands  such as Godiva, Alpswine, Agnès b. delices, Jenny Bakery, Artisan Du Chocolate,  Marks & Spencer, Emborg, Lane Crawford – Fortnum & Mason, England and many more. It comes with a bottle of luxurious non-alcoholic Kyoho juice, premium chocolates, biscuits, jam, tea, nuts, truffle and other luxurious imported food items. This is the kind of Christmas hamper that I look forward to receiving 😉

Out of sight does not mean out of mind.  Faced with COVID-19, our loved ones and dear friends are now more than ever on our minds. Though we can’t meet them, we can spread the love with unique and wonderful gifts this Christmas. It does not matter that this Christmas, you’re not able to have a Christmas party with your loved ones and friends who are in Hong Kong.  No matter which part of the world you are in right now, you can still brighten their days with a luxurious Christmas gift.

Give.Gift.Boutique helps you spread Christmas joy during these uncertain times with special gifts delivery. Place your order and send them to your loved ones in Hong Kong today!

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Tonkatsu And Hiyayakko Tofu

Our teenage chef dished out Tonkatsu and chicken katsu with Japanese curry for dinner on our Monday. There’s also a side of Hiyayakko tofu (Japanese chilled tofu)  and deep fried wakame. Our dinner was super oishī!  Everything that Sherilyn dished out that night was superb and comparable with the ones from the expensive Japanese restaurants that we used to go to.  Everything that this girl dishes out is always so good.  And to think that this girl used to give me a terrible time every evening when she ate her dinner, she’s really come a long way.

When Sherilyn was about 3+ years old, all through she turned 6, she would sit at the dining table from 7pm through 11pm struggling to finish her plate of dinner. On most days, she fell asleep with food still in her mouth. I was too busy with a sickly baby Cass and Sherilyn didn’t get along well with Dyah, our ertswhile live-in Indonesian helper. And my mil used to be overseas most of the time. So she was always neglected. My poor Sherilyn.  She’s now a foodie, just like her dad 😁

Our evening got even cheery with a huge double rainbow in the sky just before rain bucketed down but the storm only lasted 10 minutes 😊

Can you see the double rainbow?

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How to Touch Up Car Paint Damage Like a Pro

It’s daylight robbery. Anyone who has ever had to fork out for a huge repair bill after even a tiny scratch in their car’s paint will know how empowering it would be to be able to fix up paint damage on your car. The team at elitepaints.co.uk has understood from many years of helping their customers that one of the best experiences you can have is fixing up a scratch or abrasion yourself with a handy tool like a car paint touch-up pen.

You may have never considered yourself much of a DIY expert, or anything like a mechanic, but the truth is that touching up your car’s paint is absolutely something you can place firmly within your wheelhouse.

Step 1: Get a Car Paint Touch-Up Pen Kit
Visit elitepaints.co.uk and choose from their selection of car paint touch-up pen kits. These have everything you need to get started in your repairs. These kits typically include a pen for primer, basecoat and clearcoat all in one. The pens work a lot like traditional micro-brushes that the pros may use, but they’re much easier to hold steady and control because you can grip them like you would a pen.

Step 2: Wash and Sand Down the Affected Area
No matter how minor the damage you are fixing, you need to have a totally clean and contaminant-free zone in which to apply the touch-up paint. Wash the surface, being especially careful to clean away remnant paint chips, wax, sealants and other substances that are in the area. Any and all of these things will affect the binding process, and to get the proper connection between primer, basecoat and clearcoat, you need a clean surface.

Use wet 800- to 1200-grit sandpaper on the surface to help smooth it right down to the metal surface. This is the fastest and most effective method for preparing that surface for paint application.

Step 3: Primer and Basecoat – But Practice First
Even the pros will take a moment to practice applying the paint before they actually move to the car’s surface. If you’ve never used the car paint touch-up pen before, then this step is especially important. Use an old tin can or other spare metal surface and try out the pen to make sure you can control the thickness and quantity of paint evenly. You’ll be glad you did that practice when you’re able to get it onto your car evenly the first time, and don’t have sand down and start again!

Apply primer and basecoat in thin, even layers, waiting 20-30 minutes between the coatings as the product you are using demands. Be patient and don’t think it’s “pro” to speed up the heating with a hairdryer or other artificial heat source. The only result you’ll get is blistering, and that’s hardly what a professional finish would look like.

Step 4: Sanding to Even
This is where you get the really professional touch. Using more wet sandpaper, even out the paint you’ve just applied so that you can rub your finger across the area and not feel any difference between the new paint and the original. The amateur DIY touch-up painter thinks that he has to make do with a lumpy spot that’s just the right colour. The professional knows he can even it out with the right kind of sandpaper and enough know-how.

Step 5: Clearcoat
Similar to primer and basecoat, apply the clearcoat at the end of the process to round off your work. This will give a lovely sheen and protective coating to help keep that fine paint work you just applied in place. There will a gap of 10-20 minutes between coatings of clearcoat as you wait for it to dry.

Look to elitepaints.co.uk for a great selection of car paint touch-up pens to start your own repairs. Reap the benefits of DIY touch-up paint work, and grow your personal automotive skill set at the same time.

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Jump Start Your Fitness With a Trampoline

The benefits of a regular exercise routine are well-known: improved health, better sleep, and reduced stress levels, to name a few. But let’s face it, treadmills and stationary bikes can get a little boring. If you’re looking to put some fun back into fitness, channel your inner child and jump into a form of movement that brings you joy.

Gentle on Joints

Have you ever watched children jumping on trampolines? You can almost feel their euphoria. The sheer freedom of near-flight is exhilarating, as is the sense of confidence that comes with controlling the landing. But why should kids have all the fun? Adults can enjoy trampolining, too, and get a great workout in the process. In fact, because the trampoline absorbs some of the shock, jumping on one protects your joints while allowing you to get a full-body workout.

Square Trampolines

Healthy for Hearts

Because exercise is central to heart health, any fitness plan should feature lots of physical activity. Trampolining, or rebounding as it is also called, is a great option. Much like jogging, but with a lot less discomfort, rebounding gets your heart rate up and the oxygen flowing through your body. It also targets your body’s core, those muscles in your back and abdominal area that protect your spine. Keeping the core muscles toned also decreases visceral fat, which is believed to contribute to a host of health problems including cardiovascular disease.

Superb for Strength

In addition, jumping on a trampoline can help speed weight loss. Not only does a trampoline workout expend calories, but it also helps build muscle mass which, in turn, burns calories more efficiently than fat tissue does. Stronger muscles also protect you from injury by keeping your joints properly aligned. As a bonus, those strong muscles look great, too. Jumping on a trampoline is especially effective for sculpting toned thighs, buttocks, and calves.

Trampolines are not just for kids anymore. Take your fitness to new heights by jumping on a trampoline; your body and soul will thank you for it.

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Cass the Assembler of Things

Cass had too much free time at home since there was no online class and piano last week (Deepavali holiday week). To kill boredom, she yanked off all the keys on her keyboard to do a thorough cleaning of the inside. I thought she’d have a hard time putting the keys back but this Lego and puzzle whizz assembled everything back in under an hour, effortlessly and commented that it’s fun. The cleaning part took a long time though. She used cotton buds, wet wipes and alcohol swab to disinfect her keyboard 😆

My go-to person whenever I buy clothes racks and cupboards that need assembling as I just suck at assembling things.  I have zero patience for such things but will still do it if none of the girls are free to help me.

Cordless keyboard re-assembled in no time. Thankfully it’s still working!

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