CMCO Day 146 ~ Monday, 2 November 2020

Today’s lunch had a little drama to it when Sherilyn made hand-pulled Biang Biang Shaanxi noodles and tomato eggs. Part way through cooking the noodles, the smoke detector alarm in the kitchen was triggered. This girl had heated up a pot at high heat with oil in it and it produced a lot of smoke and activated the alarm! Gave us all a scare as we thought something was on fire in the dry kitchen 😅

Biang Biang spicy noodles with Taiwanese style tomato eggs for lunch:

Smoke detector that got triggered by the intense smoke from the hot pot of oil 😱

This ain’t the first time the smoke detector was triggered when our girls cooked.  Last year Alycia heated up a pau in the microwave oven when I was out with Cass at the music school. And this girl played with her phone and forgot all about the pau.  The pau got burnt inside the microwave oven and the intense smoke from the microwave oven activated the smoke detector.  Thank God I got home just in the nick of time to turn off the microwave oven before it exploded!!

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A Coat That Never Goes Out Of Style

Trench coats are perfect for when you don’t want to wear coats that are too heavy or bulky. They are also perfect for winter mornings when the sun is bright and it is not too chilly. Light, comfortable, and relatively warm, wearing a trench coat is also a very easy way to add a lot of style to a simple outfit.  Although most trench coats come in khaki or light brown, Prestarrs have revived the look with fresh colors, lengths and fits, like this collarless woolen trench coat with pockets that come in fresh colors like rose, pink and yellow.

Trench coats used to be worn by soldiers and only men.  They then seamlessly transitioned into the world of women’s wear and they’re now here to stay for good.  Trench coats look equally amazing on women, giving them an air of elegance and exquisite.

If you are a fashion savvy woman who’s constantly looking for a fashion piece that will serve as both a cover-up for warmth and also function as a fashion centerpiece, trench coats are your best bets.  The best trench coats can serve as the perfect addition that can elevate your fashion image up a few notches.

Trendy trench coats for women come in simple, sleek and edgy designs and styles. There are leather trench coats, woolen trench coats and there are also trench coats with lace-trimmed edges or embellished buttons and belts. You can choose to just wear a trench coat as a stylish jacket or you can also choose to make your trench coat a fashion focal point. Either way you would be serving two purposes with one highly stylish coat. Trench coats are wardrobe selections that are really important in a fashionable woman’s outfit choices.

Trench coats can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. It’s sophisticated and dressy enough to be one of the few types of outerwear for women that look great with formal clothing and suits and is also long enough to comfortably cover suit jackets. Trench coats give an effortlessly cool and chic look and add a lot of charm to the wearer’s personality.

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