RMCO Day 175 ~Tuesday, 1 December 2020 (Thai Green Curry and Chili Garlic Tofu Bites)

It’s Thai fare for dinner on the first day of December! And we’re again happy guinea pigs to Chef Sherilyn’ new dishes ~ Thai green curry made from scratch and Chili Garlic Tofu Bites. An inexpensive dinner yet seriously yummy and impressive!

Looking like a traditional Thai cook – pounding the fresh spices on the floor, using a traditional mortar and pestle 😆

With half a bottle of green curry paste left, it’s enough for another round of Thai green curry chicken. I can eat this everyday as it’s rich in flavor and texture and not spicy.  This dish just pushes all the right buttons.

Chili Garlic Tofu Bites ~ this crispy tofu is SO ADDICTIVE, like a bag of crispy snack that you just can’t help popping into your mouth one after another 😋. The tofu bites are coated with panko crumbs and shallow fried to a golden crisp.

A lot of love, passion, thought and time were put into these two dishes. Everyone looks forward to dinner these days as we have a new dish or two to tickle us pink  every day 🥰. This is one of the  simple things in life that lifts us up from our doldrums throughout the partial lockdown.

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