CMCO Day 208 ~ Sunday, 3 January 2021

Alycia ordered some statement jewelry for herself from Taobao some time back and totally forgot about her order.  When the parcel arrived yesterday, she had no frigging idea who the sender was until she opened the parcel.

I can’t believe her choice of costume jewelry – the necklace and bracelet are chunky and totally attention grabber!  The chunky necklace looks a tad like Sporty’s  (my late pet dog) chain collar 🤣  but with embellishments.  These days, Alycia’s sense of fashion tends to gravitate towards the K-pop style. Today she wore a really oversized knitted cardigan paired with a pair of black Adidas sports shorts and Nike shoes, with her chunky statement jewelry when we went to Mid Valley Megamall. The cardigan along with some super cheap tees and eye-popping super cropped oversized shirts were bought from Taobao too. Now I know why my mum and maternal grandma rolled their eyes when they saw my choice of clothing when I was Alycia’s age.  We older ladies will never understand a teenager’s choice of fashion.

What surprised me was what Alycia ordered for her two sisters. She ordered these  The Little Prince necklaces for Cass – one for her 2020 birthday and the other  for her 2021 birthday.  She also ordered some statement jewelry for Sherilyn’s 2021 birthday.  How very thoughtful of this tai kar che 🥰.

Cass loves the necklaces and wore one when we went to the mall today 💝

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