CMCO Day 215 ~ Sunday, 10 January 2021

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for our PM to announce tomorrow whether the country will go into MCO 2.0 to bring down the Covid19 infection rate.  Many people have predicted that it will be another lockdown. For us, it does not matter  anymore whether it’s MCO or CMCO or CMCO with tightened SOPs.  Hubby’s business has been going up and down like a roller coaster from MCO to CMCO to RMCO to CMCO again and now a possibility of another MCO.  I’m all geared up for MCO 2.0 though this time, I did not stock up on toilet papers or any grocery.  We still have some canned food in our larder bought during the first MCO in March last year. We already know the drill very well. Just bring it on and lock us down for a few more weeks to flatten the curve.

News of close friends getting infected, news of condos in our neighborhood with positive tested residents are getting more frequent the past one week.  Besides going out to get groceries, food and to hubby’s shop, I’ve not dared to venture out to anywhere else the past one week.

The other day I was sneezing and had nose block and I was dead worried. I kept checking my temperature and imagined feeling ill.  Yes I’m  hypochondriac!  The fear of being infected is getting stronger each day as I hear of close friends getting infected but they were asymptomatic.  Just today, hubs informed me that his friend’s kids got infected when the private tutor came to his house. All 5 kids got infected. I’ve just told Alycia to inform her tutor not to come to our condo anymore but to conduct the tuition via Zoom.

I know that another lockdown will kill more businesses (and possibility even ours if the lockdown is prolonged) but if there’s no lockdown, people will happily be crossing borders for holidays and having gatherings during CNY next month. A painful few weeks of lockdown may be the only way to stop the infection from spreading. I’m now more terrified than ever before of stepping out of the house to the supermarket or shop to get food, much more fearful than the first wave in March 2020 as this 3rd wave is made out of super spreader virus!  The virus has reached our community and our neighborhood 😱 😨 😰

Yesterday our chef Sherilyn made Hainanese chicken rice and it was superb! It was so good that her super critical dad and grandma had to say that the dish passed with flying colors! 😁

Both the ginger and scallion dipping sauce and chili sauce were made from scratch and they tasted awesome – as good as those from expensive Chinese restaurants.

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