Covid Scare

Three Sundays ago during the CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order), our family went to Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall. My main purpose of making a trip to the mall was to get some skin care products targeted at acne skin for the girls.  We had brunch at Din Dai Fung @ Gardens Mall and then proceeded to Innisfree and Sephora to get the acne skin care products.

Fast forward three days later, hubs forwarded me a notice issued by Din Dai Fung @ Gardens Mall informing the public that one (or maybe a few) of their staff had just tested positive for Covid-19. There was another message that went viral regarding a staff at Innisfree @ Mid Valley Megamall who was also just tested positive.   When I saw the messages, I felt my heart in my throat as we were at both the outlets at the mall.  Unfounded worries kept hounding me for  two weeks. It did not help that I’m a hypochondriac.  When the mil heard the news, she was so worried that she had headache for 2 days.

For days, I kept having a nagging mild headache, felt like I was about to get a cold and had discomfort in my throat.  I think I felt unwell as I wasn’t sleeping well and was sleep deprived.  The feeling of feeling malaise was real. I wasn’t imagining.  I wondered if I was infected too. I told Maria, our part-time helper not to come.  We were expecting calls from the Health Department for contact tracing but no one called us. I guess we were not in contact with the staff of the two shops though we were there.  I prayed fervently to God that our family will be protected from being infected by Covid-19. It’s now almost three weeks since the day we went to Mid Valley Megamall and I can safely say that we’re fine.

I don’t think I will be making a trip to the mall even when the MCO is lifted but the number of Covid19 cases are still in triple digits.  After the agonizing two weeks of worrying ourselves sick, I think I will only dare venture out to the malls during the Recovery MCO when Covid cases are in a single or double digit.

Do you have any Covid19 scare stories to share?

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