We Love Haru 😻

Alycia did something totally out of our imagination yesterday. While Sherilyn and I were out to buy Haru’s formula milk, Alycia heard Haru meowing. We now know that Haru only meows to let us know that she needs to pee, poo or is hungry.  So the girl went to check on Haru and with a towel, she carried Haru out of the box, put her on the litter and after she was done peeing,  wiped Haru with a wet tissue and put Haru back into the box.

When Alycia told us that she brought Haru to pee, we couldn’t believe it!  The girl with cat phobia helped take care of Haru on her own initiative. Way to go! We’re so very proud of her!  Soon she’ll get over her phobia of cats! 🤗

Haru still needs to be bottle fed. I tried to let her lap from a shallow plate (using a Häagen-Dazs cap) but she didn’t know how to lap from it without burying her face in it 😅 and then refused to drink. Just like a human baby, she loves her bottle feeding time and even drinks like a human baby.  I love watching her suckle from the bottle. It’s so therapeutic!  Check out the below video of Haru drinking from her bottle.

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