21 December 2012!

Alycia and Sherilyn had read and heard about 21 December 2012 months ago.  They have also read the book  “Heaven Is So Real”. It is about a true story of a Korean woman who kept having encounters with God in Heaven and she could see the world coming to an end, albeit she could not tell when.  In her many surreal encounters with God, she saw her daughter, grand daughter and loved ones in hell and in pain.

Unless you are living out of civilization, you will know the long forecast by the Mayans on what is  looming on this day – well tomorrow.   Since a week ago, they have been very worried. They have been telling me that they do not want to die. They do want the world to come to an end. They have been asking me a lot of questions which I am lost for words.  No one but God knows what’s in the agenda for tomorrow.   Some people are already organizing “Will The World Come To An End?” parties and some have been preparing for this day. It’s interesting to read from my Facebook wall on the sorts of things people do to ‘welcome’ this day.  For us, it’s just going to be another regular day. It’s the Winter Solstice festival tomorrow and we will be going out to have dinner… that is if we’re still around.  If you ask me how I feel about the percentage of this happening tomorrow, it’s a 90% NO and 10% YES feeling for me.  According to the Bible, the world will indeed come to an end and the signs of the doomsday as mentioned in the Bible  have  already been showing.  In fact, over the past few years, I’ve had nightmares on running for my life with my loved ones. The feelings I experienced in these dreams were really very scary.

How do you feel about 21 December 2012? Would love to read what you think 🙂

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5 thoughts on “21 December 2012!

  1. Sure, I’m quite worried of the predictions too (some even said that there will be a 3-day, 3-night darkness) but I’m keeping an open mind. And an open heart.

  2. When the end of the world comes, everyone must go, so there is nothing to worry about..We will be celebrating my mum’s birthday, winter solstice festival and early Christmas celebration for my family at my home.

    Interestingly a lot of people are buying candles and torch lights just in case there is a total darkness tomorrow. Let’s see what happen..

  3. My husband’s take on this is that it only affects the Mayans! And since we are not, we are fine! I firmly believe when it’s time for me to go, there is not much I can do. The BOSS upstairs has it all mapped out for each and everyone, so relax, be the best human being you can be, live life, have fun. That should happen everyday, not just the “last” day.

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