3 Little Samsengs

Friends and strangers always tell me that I’m lucky I have 3 girls as girls are more demure and not so hyper active, more laid back and not so rambunctious BUT I beg to differ. I always tell them, “wait till you come to my home and you’ll see their true colors!”

Check them out at home. Tell me, do your daughters sit like this? Or just mine? I never sit like this! So I wonder who they learned this from??

On another note, I’m glad that Alycia is a responsible jie jie. Her Mandarin tutor has assigned a task to her – that she is to flash cards of Mandarin characters of 1-10 to Sherilyn at home. And she obediently toed the line, brought the flash cards along with her and flashed them to her sis on our way to church on Sunday!

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12 thoughts on “3 Little Samsengs

  1. at least yr samsengs SIT on the sofa, imagine my 30kgs monkey jumping & hopping on those sofa…my mom always got heart attacked & threatened us that we’ll hv to pay her back a new sofa set very soon πŸ™

  2. Barb, the Mandarin tutor made those cards by herself πŸ™‚ If you want, I can give you some of Aly & Sher’s old Mandarin flash cards.

  3. My 2 girls are behaving not far from yours. They will only behave better while their daddy is around. They mess up the house like junk yard all the time…despite countless reminders.

  4. so far my elder one will not do that at home. she’s been told since young, never to jump on sofa. surprisingly when she’s at my in law’s place, she will sit on the wood cushions arms like riding a horse. funny isn’t it.

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