Healthy Homecooked Dinner With Black Rice

Our wholesome, hearty and healthy dinner last night…

Black rice (mixed with a handful of low GI Basmati rice), sauteed leek flower with garlic, pan-fried salmon fish and Sanbeiji chicken fillet (3-Cup Chicken) (cooked with ginger, wine, sesame oil, garlic and basil leaves).

Check out the beautiful purplish, blackish hue of the black rice – so exotic, beautiful and impressive!



What Is Black Rice?

It has been said that this highly treasured ancient grain was once eaten exclusively by the Emperors of China. It’s also known as “Forbidden Rice” and “Longevity Rice”.

I bought a pack of Mewah black rice from the supermarket to try and yesterday was the first time we cooked it. Thankfully, the girls were pretty receptive and had zilch fretting and fussing.


Taste wise – the Mewah black rice is absolutely delicious, has a nutty flavor and the taste and texture remind me of black glutinous rice. Mewah black rice is gluten-free.

Benefits of Black Rice

  • High content of Anthocyanin antioxidant
  • Low Glycemic Index for stable, longer lasting energy level
  • Rich in Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium
  • Daily source of Vitamin, Fiber and Protein
  • Delicious roasted nutty taste and soft texture
  • Beautiful deep purple (Anthocyanin) for striking presence

Mewah black rice can also be served as dessert.  The cooked black rice can be paired deliciously with cold soy bean milk, or palm sugar (gula melaka) or coconut milk.


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