A Bowl Of Nutritious Noodles For Dinner

Without a live-in maid, my mil and I have to alter the dishes on our menu.ย  There are now lesser elaborate dishes that cause oil splatters, though my mil still prepares pan-fried fish and pancakes using our newly acquired Happy Call Pan (HCP), which is a gift from my mum.

Here’s what my mil prepared for the girls whenย  the hubs and I attended a dinner last weekend and left the 3 girls behind:

She boiled a pot of veggie soup aka ABC soup in the afternoon using chicken breast and ribs. For dinner, she dumped in 3 chicken drumsticks into the pot of ABC soup and briefly cooked them. Then she blanched some french beans, green leafy veggie and rice vermicelli.

There you are… a bowl of nutritious and delicious noodles cooked with love, which is a very complete meal and the girls love them!

I am very thankful that my mil has a passion for cooking and baking and she actually does not mind whipping up good food for us all. And she does not mind doing the dish washing as well (which is the chore which I hate the most), thank God for her ! ๐Ÿ˜€

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6 thoughts on “A Bowl Of Nutritious Noodles For Dinner

  1. It is always blessed to have a mil who love cooking and baking. My mil too love cooking, but she is not so much into baking. So I have to do my own baking.

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