A Saucy Fish Story

Sherilyn is finally weaned off from blended food, for over 1 month, hooray! However, she still doesn’t like to eat chicken meat or any other meat except fish balls, fish paste and steamed fish BUT she has to eat her steamed fish with this special sauce made up of organic soya sauce, olive oil, garlic, shredded ginger and fresh spring onions all stir-fried together. She loves the sauce very much and insists that the bowl of sauce be placed next to her during dinner time everyday. I tried cooking sweet and sour fish or pan-fried fish but nope, she wouldn’t eat the fish and spat them all out. Since she doesn’t eat any other meat, I try to steam fish for her everyday with the special sauce of course.

The special fish sauce that Sherilyn is crazy over.

And this is how Sherilyn eats her dinner everyday. I’ve asked my maid to dilute the sauce with some soup when she cooks it so that it will not be that salty.

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6 thoughts on “A Saucy Fish Story

  1. At 3.5 .. chloe is very fussy with her food..!! unfortunately, she does not like fish at all.. or any kinda meat.. !! i have no choice but let her eats lots of tofu.. and mushrooms.

  2. yes..looks yummy. bet the sauce must be really tasty. she looks so cute sitting on the highchair eating her food 😀

  3. don’t worry she is eating healthy, if i had a choice i would feed the family with fish all the time, especially with our hypertension history in the family.

  4. Shern’s mom… i dont think Sher’s cheek hurt anymore.

    Mamabok… tofu is also very rich in protein and mushrooms, they are really nutricious.

    lzmommy… i like the sauce too.

    mom to chumsy… sometimes sher refuses to sit on the highchair but insists on sitting on Aly’s booster seat, so they switch places.

    Girlie… yes, fresh fish is a wholesome food, provided they are not big deep sea fish coz these big fish are normally tainted with mercury.

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