Air Filter To Prevent Nose Allergy

When Alycia kept falling ill every month due to her sensitive nose and allergy, our pediatrician advised us to place a good quality air filter or an air conditioner that comes with an air filteration system in our house. He told us that when he was living in London, his son’ nose allergy went away after he fitted a high efficiency furnace filter  in the house. I am still hunting for one to place in the kids’ room. I heard WEB Products has recently produced an Eliminator UV air filter that can produce virus killing UV light and can trap allergens and sterilize pathogens. It is highly recommended for people suffering from allergies and asthma. WEB specializes in the manufacturing of a full range of air filters, allergy filters, furnace filters, air conditioning filters and air filter accessories. I wonder if WEB sells their Eliminator UV air filter here.

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