Alycia Fell Off The Bed

Several days ago, Alycia was playing on the bed with daddy and Sherilyn when suddenly, she fell off the bed and landed head down (back of the head) on the floor. I knew it was quite a painful fall from the sound and tone of her cry, the one with the “waaaaah…..” followed by a long pause kind of cry. When I touched her head, I was shocked to feel a huge ‘bungalow’ immediately after the fall. Daddy and I frantically shuffled her hair to check her scalp and we saw a huge red hump or ‘bungalow’ like this :

I rushed to get some ice cubes from the kitchen, wrapped them on a hanky and began rubbing them on her scalp. Thank God, she didn’t throw up after the fall, even slept through the night and when she woke up the next morning, the hump had almost subsided.

All smiles again after daddy put cold compress on her head.

The next morning, daddy went to Safe n Sound at 1U to buy another bed railing to attach it to our king-sized bed. However, the size was not right and daddy had to bring it back to Safe n Sound the following day to get it changed but daddy didn’t complain. He would never complain of anything done for his 2 princesses.

The new Safety 1st bed railing on our king-sized bed.

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6 thoughts on “Alycia Fell Off The Bed

  1. Thankfully it looks like your daughter is okay, she’s so cute isn’t she. I wonder how come you have time for all those paid posts and blogging .

  2. good that nothing bad happened from the fall well except for the bump and bruise. she sure looks ok now

    have a great weekend shireen!

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