Alycia’s Drawing vs. Sher’s Drawing

This is Sherilyn’s drawing, which is a copycat of Alycia’s.  Sher loves drawing and writing using pens.

And this is Alycia’s drawing.  The picture in orange color is her version of an elf.   Alycia loves drawing with color pencils and all her drawings are multi colored.  Luckily both the gals love drawing, coloring and writing and I don’t really need to coerce Alycia to do her homework.  She’s even more ‘kan cheong’ than me sometimes when it comes to completing her homework.  One time I had even forgotten to remind her to complete her Mandarin homework, shame on me mummy!

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8 thoughts on “Alycia’s Drawing vs. Sher’s Drawing

  1. Very nice drawing…read that children who colour their pic with multi colours are very happy u must have done a great job, mummy!

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