Alycia’s Interest In Ballet

I am still thinking if I should continue sending Alycia for ballet classes. After almost 5 months into learning ballet, she now tells me that she does not want to attend her ballet class anymore. I don’t know if she really dislikes ballet or she doesn’t like it that I can’t accompany her to her ballet class anymore. Before Baby C was born, I would accompany her to each of her ballet class. After Baby C’s arrival, I just can’t find the time to accompany her to her ballet classes. Last week, her ballet teacher told us that if we intend to send Alycia for a ballet exam next year, classes will be increased to twice a week. I think twice a week is a tad too frequent for a 4.5 year old and I am worried that intensive lessons will only kill her interest in ballet.

I will have to ask Alycia again if she would like to continue  learning ballet or has her interest dwindled. It’s not cheap to send her for ballet classes. Moreover, her ballet costume, stockings and ballet shoes are really costly as they are all imported from U.K. If she intends to continue learning ballet, I will buy her ballet shoes and stockings myself in future instead of buying them from the dance school.  I found out today that I can buy a pair of leather ballet shoes at only £6.95 from , an online store in the U.K that specializes in Dance Shoes – dancewear, ranging from ballet shoes, shoes for ballroom dancing, salsa, tap, character and jazz dance. If you have a daughter who is learning ballet too, do check out this store. There is a quite a wide range of ballet shoes sold at very affordable prices.

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