Alycia’s Super Cranky

Alycia is still super duper cranky and whiny today, after taking her medicine. Her whimps and fancies are all impossible demands. Just before lunchtime, she demanded to watch ‘A Baby Story’ on Astro channel 77. I told her that the program is not shown now and she has to wait till the evening to watch but she wouldn’t listen and the meltdown began. I put on her favorite DVD but she refused to watch it. She can go on repeating “I want to watch Baby Story now” for almost an hour continuously and bawling at the same time. I know that the medicine is making her feel this way but her continuous whining and bawling really got on my nerves. She still has 3 more days on the medicine and I just don’t know how I am going to tolerate her crabby crap for the next 3 days. God please help me!

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