Another Easy-To-Cook, One Pot Meal

Another easy-to-cook meal that I love to dish out whenever I am in a lazy mood to cook is pork ribs porridge / chicken porridge. The other day I cooked porridge with ‘siu cee kuat’ (roast pork ribs), porks ribs, lin cee (dried lotus seeds) and dried oysters.  When it’s cooked this way, my 3 little fussy eaters will have no problem polishing off their bowl of porridge.  I also added a little sea salt for taste.

Here, Alycia is solving the Math questions which I had set for her. She told me that she did not want to waste time and did her Math over lunch. These days, I have been setting a lot of Math equations for her to solve to brush up her Math. I believe that with lots and lots of practise, one can excel in their Math. Once there is a hiatus, your brain tends to go rusty.

For dessert, I told her no sweet stuff.  So she had a cocktail of pine nuts and roast broad beans. I never like the idea of feeding my gals with too much sweet stuff, especially colorful candies / sweets and junk food.  But it’s difficult to control them when other people keep rewarding them with sweets and junkie. 

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9 thoughts on “Another Easy-To-Cook, One Pot Meal

  1. mmm..yummy porridge 🙂 err..other ppl as in your MIL? 😉 i only limit ashley to one marshmallow a day and i forbid the grandparents to give her any junk food…heheheeheh. so strict and fierce huh?

  2. Your porride look so yummy.I don’t let my gals have any lollies or chocolates at all, even at school when her teacher give her any lollies my gal will still ask for my permission.She only get junk food when she did something really nice as a reward.

  3. totally agree with you on the sweet stuff… i am silently appalled when i see other kids, the young ones especially, eat junk food, drink soda, indulge in chocs and ice cream. a reward now and then is fine, but anything more than twice a week is too much… well, that’s me. anyway, love your simple to cook recipes altho i hvn’t got the chance to try them (until vic gets the clear-all from her allergist consultant)

  4. ooooo i will surely go for 3rd or 4th helpings… cos i lovvveed porridge myself. i psycho my mind that porridge will make me slim.. that why its my fav!

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