Another Hectic Day Today

Today is going to be another stressed-to-the-max and hectic day for me. My main supplier is delivering my batch of stock to me. I am also expecting any parcel from one of my kids apparel suppliers. I have over 100 pieces of clothes to sort out in the evening, which will last until mid night. And my house is going to look like a garment factory again with clothes strewn in every corner, pieces of thread flying everywhere and pos laju bags stacked up on the floor. I am planning to cook fried mee hoon (that’s the easiest 1-pot dish with all the good stuff in – eggs, meat, veggie, noodles) this afternoon. My kids and I will have that for lunch and dinner. I am also going to rope in Alycia and Sherilyn to help me with some of the processes like folding the clothes after my round of QA inspection and sealing the Pos Laju bags.

When my customers’ clothes are all packed and ready to be collected by the Pos Laju postman, I am one very happy woman. My house is clean again. I can have a little respite… until the next big batch comes again in less than a week. This pic was taken early last week. I needed a huge garbage bag to place all the parcels for the postman to carry.

Baby doesn’t want to miss out the ‘fun’ too…

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