Baking Queen Bakes Pies

Sherilyn played ‘masak-masak’ again yesterday.  This time she baked an assortment of pies. Actually she made the dough a week ago and kept it in the fridge, waiting to find a day that she’d be free to make the pies. She’d also cooked the salted caramel sauce,  sliced the apples and marinated them with cinnamon but after several days in the fridge, they turned bad and I discarded the apples. Yesterday she prepped the apples all over again. What a waste of money!

I’ve invested quite a bit of money for all her ‘masak-masak’ ventures in the kitchen. And I think it’s money well invested. Now she can cook and bake for the whole family.  Who knows, she’ll even be a cafe owner or a restaurateur one day, eh?  😁

As you can see, the each pie spot a different design on top. This girl had a fun time designing the pie tops and creating fillings for them. Some turned out looking professionally executed while some of the pies look a tad distorted 😆 Whatever the design, the pies tasted superb, like they were produced by some upscale cafes.

Sherilyn puts in so much time, patience and care into all her baking projects.  During Sherilyn’s younger days, I suspected that she may have ADHD as she was hyperactive, mischievous and couldn’t sit still and focus in her studies. Baking and dancing have quelled my fears. She can spend hours on end doing things that she loves.

From top clockwise: blueberry pies (filling is made with fresh blueberries and lemon juice), pies with no filling for Cass and me coz we love plain pie crusts, apple pies, pesto cauliflower and pesto tomato pies.

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Our Saturday, 15 June 2019

Sherilyn spent almost the entire Saturday working on some models for her school library for Library Week that starts today.

Someone’s going to be rip-snorting mad when she sees this photo that I stealthily stole of her painting the Bermuda Triangle replica.

Model of The Lost City of Atlantis ~ not perfect but not bad either, considering she did it single-handedly in half a day. The towers were sprayed with bronze color spray-paint and she still hasn’t cleaned up the stains she left outside the house.

And in between working on the replicas, I forced her and Cass to help me set up an Ikea clothes rack that just arrived from Lazada  😆

Thank God for a very right-brained child who’s very good with her hands and another who loves Lego and fixing puzzles, the Ikea clothes rack was assembled in under half an hour.

1KEA RIGGA Clothes Rack White Adjustable Height with Shoe Rack
I’m pretty satisfied with this Ikea clothes rack that only costs RM89 and comes in smooth, matte finishing good quality steel.

I’m going to conclude this post with this new song by Lil Dicky that got Cass and I absolutely  hooked on it since last week.

Lil Dicky returns with this ridiculous, yet entertaining single about the planet Earth called “Earth.” He’s assisted by a jing gang of famous musicians and celebrities, which makes this song even more appealing.   Justin Bieber arrives first, as a baboon whose “anus is huge” (yeah, you can roll your eyes like I did when I first saw the lyrics). Ariana Grande is a zebra, while Halsey is a lion, Zac Brown a cow, and Brendon Urie is colorfully, “…A fat, fucking pig.” OMG. Strike that, OMFG (had to blink my eyes when I first read those lyrics) 🤣 The absolute nonsense continues with Hailee Steinfeld, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart and that’s just the first verse. Then comes Adam Levine, Charlie Puth, Sia as kangaroo, Miley Cyrus an elephant, Megan Trainor and while Lil Jon loudly shouts, “What the fuck? I’m a clam.”

I can’t stop replaying this song over and over again and singing it along with Cass since yesterday 😆 It’s a very cute song that sounds like a kiddie zoo song but errr, it’s kind of x-rated for kids as you can imagine all those wicked humor and more! I had to explain to Cass what cum is 🤩

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School Holiday Movie ~ Aladdin

On the first day of the recent school holidays, I took the girls and the mil to the cinema to watch Aladdin. I had read about the 2.5 to 3-star rating and reviews on Aladdin by some movie critics before watching the movie but undeterred by the poor reviews, I went ahead with the movie. Aladdin used to be one of my favorite childhood Disney movies and still is.

Aladdin is a classic story exquisitely made with an immensely talented cast. For me, watching this was like watching one of my favorite childhood films come to life.  I left the theater feeling like a kid with a silly grin on my face while chatting non-stop with the girls on the movie. Disney never disappoints and this time, Aladdin has aced it.

The verdict: Aladdin is everything a remake should be. Absolutely stunning and colorful cinematography, talented actors, amazing musical numbers, beautiful vocals and show stopping choreography. Will Smith is just naturally hilarious.  Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott were perfect as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, and Will Smith pulled out a fabulous performance as the genie, making the role his own without copying Robin Williams. Aladdin is a complete triumph.

After watching the movie, Alycia and I are now even more obsessed with A Whole New World!🤩

Our lunch at House of Pok just before the movie:

The prices of the mix and match set meals are very affordable and food is pretty good.  But be sure to be at the restaurant early to secure a table. We had lunch at 11-ish a.m. and got a table without waiting. Other times, there’s always a bee line outside the restaurant.

After the movie we went shopping at Mr DIY.  While I was looking at some stuff, Cass was checking out some note books at another aisle. After we left Mr DIY, Cass told me that whilst she was at Mr DIY, a teenage girl came up to her and asked her if she’s going to watch a movie, to which she replied that she had already.  When we were on the escalator, Cass suddenly realized that her Harry Potter book wasn’t with her. She checked her bag, I checked mine, checked with the mil and the other 2 girls and none of them had her expensive Harry Potter book.

I suspected that the stranger who came up to Cass may have errrr… ‘charmed’ Cass and taken the book while chatting with her.  Not overreacting here but the mil’s good friend got ‘charmed’ by an unsuspecting woman at the PJ wet market recently and when she woke up from the spell, she realized that all her money was withdrawn from a few banks! Mother of all nightmares!  But Cass was convinced that it wasn’t the stranger who stole her book. “Mum, I was NOT under a spell. I know what was going on ok!” Cass kept telling me  😆

We went back to Mr DIY and checked all the aisles that Cass went to, we checked the floors, the escalators and then went back to the cinema and asked the staff to help us check the cinema that we were in to see if the book was there. And the book was indeed left behind in the cinema. It had dropped onto the floor!  My careless girl!   But we couldn’t get the book back immediately as a movie was ongoing.

The funny thing is that before we left the cinema, I had checked the seats that we sat on to ensure that nothing was left behind. I have a habit of looking back at the seats and floor whenever I leave a restaurant or just anywhere. But this time, I had overlooked the floor. We couldn’t see clearly anyway as it was still pretty dark inside the theater after the movie.

I only collected the Harry Potter from the cinema staff yesterday, i.e. two weeks later. Aladdin will be one movie that Cass will remember for life because of this particular episode after the movie.  She loves all her novels, especially the Harry Potter series and was devastated when she realized that she had lost one of her most treasured books.  I believe my scatterbrain girl has learnt a good lesson!

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Bridesmaid Dresses 101

There are many things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses. You need to consider the most flattering shapes, the color scheme, the theme. the venue and whether there is a one style fits all solution. It can be a challenge appeasing all your bridesmaids but it’s not that difficult if you know just the right place to shop for bridesmaids dresses.

Whether you’re choosing burgundy bridesmaid dresses or bright, glam colors like metallic gold and silver, remember that your bridesmaid dress should match the rest of the wedding theme.

If burgundy is your favorite color and you have this color in mind as the wedding theme color, BMBridal carries absolutely pretty bridesmaid dresses in this hot color, as seen in the photos below.  Warm and romantic, burgundy has proven to be the a coveted shade in recent, cooler months – especially with bridesmaid dresses and weddings.  Because this color is so gorgeous and rich on its own, I suggest having your bridesmaids carry neutral-colored bouquets to really let the gowns pop!

If you want a relaxed and romantic wedding, you can let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. But the more formal the wedding, the more similar the dresses of the bridesmaids should be.

If you’re thinking of getting all the bridesmaids wear the same dresses – this concept is quite outdated. If you want to organize a perfect bridesmaid group, you should choose the dresses according to each person’s characteristics and body shapes. As long as the main colors and themes of your wedding are determined, your bridesmaids are free to choose their gowns.

If you’re a bride on a budget, check out BMbridal for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. With hundreds of fashion essentials and unique fashion insight, this site is the best place to find trend-led bridesmaid dresses at affordable prices.  There’s no need to worry about the sizing of the dresses as there is a Custom Measurements feature at the site where you can key in your specific measurements and the dress will be customized to your measurements.  Isn’t this just awesome?

With a bit of clever sale-hunting, you should be able to nab beautifully designed bridesmaid dresses for your girls that match the quality of your own!

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Mac And Pesto With Baked Salmon

On the day we returned to KL from Ipoh, we were too lazy to get out of the house for dinner. The mil wasn’t in the mood to cook as well after all the unpacking and rearrangement. So the alternative in-house chef volunteered to cook Western food and I left the masak-masak task to her. Sherilyn takes every opportunity to play masak-masak to perfect her culinary skill.  Most times the food tastes so good, sometimes even artisanal, that cooking seems like a total child’s play to her.

Here’s what the chef dished out:

Macaroni with homemade pesto (which Sherilyn made a week earlier), baked salmon with lemon seasoned with dried herbs and grilled tomatoes.

Her two sisters were totally awed with the dish and gave a 5-star rating for the presentation and taste!

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J’s Gate Dining and The Tokyo Restaurant @ Isetan, Lot 10

We spent half our day at Lot 10 on the first day of Hari Raya on 5 June 2019.  My bon viveur hubs has been wanting to bring us to J’s Gate Dining @ Isetan, Lot 10 to savor the best of authentic Japanese cuisine since their launch early last year but only has the time to do so today.  All his staff are on leave and his kitchen will be closed for a few days before they all work on full steam again next week.

J’s Gate Dining is the Japanese food lover’s one-stop haven to enjoy 17 of Japan’s best authentic cuisines featuring superior Japanese ingredients and hospitality. Depending on what your liking and cravings are, you can pick any of the outlets to appease your appetite.

With so many outlets to choose from, we were really spoilt for choices and it was pretty hard to settle on one or two. Finally my gourmand hubs settled for Umai Sushikan (for sushi and tempura) and Osaka Kitchen (for teppanyaki).

Umai Sushikan
Umai means ‘’delicious’’ in Japanese and sushikan is sushi.  Only fresh ingredients handpicked by the team from the fish market (air-flown from Japan) are used.  The sushi and fish that we had were indeed very fresh and these don’t come cheap either!  The bill came up to over RM300 for only 6 dishes that came in small portions!

Below: Grilled premium cod fish flown in from Japan and this piece of cod the size of half my palm (or maybe smaller) costs almost a hundred Ringgit! So expensive that I ate the super sour pickled spring onion 🤣

This is one restaurant that we’ll probably only try once. It’ll cost the hubs an arm and a leg to feed our 3 hungry piranhas (with a bottomless pit) till they’re well fed and satiated at this restaurant.  Even with two teppanyaki sets ordered from Osaka Kitchen, the girls were still hungry!

Osaka Kitchen
Osaka Kitchen is known for their popular signature Osaka dishes, including okonomiyaki and yakisoba which features food cooked on an iron griddle in front of diners.  The ingredients are also sourced from Japan, including the finest quality wagyu beef.

Osaka Kitchen is situated just opposite Umai Sushikan. For orders above RM200, patrons at Umai Sushikan are allowed to order food from other outlets. Thus, we ordered a beef teppan set and a pork teppan set. Each set comes with a meat, stir-fried pea sprouts, salad, appetizers, grilled avocado with cheese and ice-cream (matcha and yuzu flavors).  The bill at Osaka Kitchen is over RM200.

After lunch we segued into The Tokyo Restaurant for their signature cheese cakes. Hubs has been wanting to try the much raved about “best burnt cheesecake in Malaysia” (it seems) available at Tokyo Restaurant and finally he has the time today.  And indeed, one spoonful of this super smooth and creamy, oh-so cheesy cake sent me to cake paradise!  If not for the price, I would have sent in another order for the Classic Burnt Cheesecake and Matcha Cheesecake.

The original famous Classic Burnt Cheesecake @ RM 20 is Tokyo Kitchen’s signature 6th Avenue Cheesecake. The cake is served with a scoop of silky smooth whipped cream.

The Yuri/Macha Cheesecake @ RM21 is the bomb for matcha lovers. It’s over-the-top delicious, like heaven in my mouth!!  Both Sherilyn and I are matcha lovers and couldn’t get enough of it.  The cake is made with artisan 100% stone-ground aromatic macha powder sourced from Niko Neko, the matcha powder specialist.

Gateau Chocolate cake @ RM18 is rich, very chocolaty and surprisingly not cloy and sweet. Very nice!

Classic Tiramisu @ RM18 looks perfectly executed and tastes just as perfect as the other cakes.

The next time the hubs brings us to Lot 10 again, I think I’ll skip the main course and jump right into cakes at Tokyo Restaurant.  I’m willing to sacrifice gaining a pound or two for these killer cakes and then go on a diet and workout extra hard for the next one week just to get my cake fix!

The Macha Latte is one of the best I’ve tasted besides the one we tried at Sunbather Coffee recently ~ the milk to macha ratio is spot on, I don’t get the heart palpitation and tea drunkenness that I usually do after scarfing down half a cup of it and it’s not sweet. Love it to the max!

I now know what cake I want for my next birthday  😊 😋  Thank you darling. I know you secretly read my blog posts 😉

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Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS), Ipoh

After lunch at the celebrated Thean Chun kopitiam, followed by a walk down the famed Concubine Lane, we went on a jaunt around Ipoh city, with no specific destination in mind. There were 9 of us in the MPV.  Whenever we’re back in Ipoh together, hubs and I love going for a spin in the car traipsing the roads of Ipoh to see what’s new in town and to go down memory lane in our beautiful hometown.

After buying pomelos at Tambun, I casually mentioned to the hubs that since March this year, entrance fee into the Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) in Meru has been free. And he said OK, why not have a short visit to MAPS then since we are now on holiday and there’s nothing to rush?! The girls were thrilled! What was supposed to be lunch has now turned into a fun-filled half-day adventure at a theme park. We were all so NOT prepared, wearing only slippers and sandals with no sunscreen lotion and all.

Poised as Asia’s First Animation Theme Park built at the cost of RM520 million in Ipoh, Perak, Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) was set to be the most exciting dream destination for everyone.  With over 40 attractions in 6 thematic zones, MAPS was opened in 2017 with an initial entrance fee of over RM100 per pax.  Due to the choking entrance fee and the fact that not all the attractions are opened yet, the turnout was tepid, resulting in the entrance fee being scraped off effective March 2019.  However, you’ll need to buy coupons for all the rides in the theme park.

On the day that we were there, which was a Sunday, we had expected a mad crowd like Sunway Lost World Of Tambun. But there was surprisingly no crowd. Just  moderate number of visitors but not crowded. If you’ve been to Universal Studio Singapore and you’ve given it a 5-star rating, you can expect to give MAPS a 3-star rating. This is a place where you’ll only give it a one-time visit unless all the attractions are open and unless it’s more ‘lively’.  The place is very clean and spacious but it just lacks the animation, vigor and oomph factor.

The very first ride that attracted the girls when we walked into the theme park was the electric bike.  At RM15 for 15 minutes, the girls went on the electric bikes many rounds. But for noob electric bikers, the girls found it hard to maneuver the bikes initially.

Koong koong teaching Sherilyn where to place her foot on the bike when she first shared the bike with Alycia.

They just couldn’t balance themselves on the bike and finally they got a bike each and problem solved!

Sherilyn performs a hand stand in front of the upside down building.

The girls and I got excited when we saw Tealive in the theme park!  Boba tea (sans the pearl jelly for me) is one of my guilty pleasures currently 🥤😉

MAPS entrance

Our RM150 worth of coupons were not fully utilized though the girls went on umpteen number of electric bike rides, roller coaster rides, fun rides, bumper car ride, game stalls, etc and we had to give away the unused coupons to two lucky visitors  when we left the park. Again, we were caught in the rain towards the evening and had to leave abruptly. This seems to happen to all our theme park visits from Ocean Park Hong Kong to Sentosa Island Singapore, Gardens By The Bay Singapore and Lost World of Tambun!  It just had to rain on our parade every.single.time. 😟

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Sherilyn’s Slogan Contest Cash Prize

“Mom I won, I won, yes I won in the contest!!” my drama queen squawked across the living room yesterday afternoon. I thought it’s just another Tealive, cookies or free movie tickets that she’d won from Facebook or Instagram.  She trotted to my work desk and showed me the Insta message she’d received from the contest organizer.  My drama queen had indeed won and it’s a RM500 cash prize from a slogan contest organized by Rage cafe, woohoo!

The thing is the prize must be collected within 24 hours. Thank God we’re still around the next day (but not day after next).

So today I brought my drama queen to Rage Cafe at Bangsar to collect her cash prize. Alycia tagged along too to bask in her sister’s 20-minute fame 😆

Enjoy the pix of Sherilyn’s 20-minute fame collecting her RM500 cash voucher today. It’s her second biggest contest win, the first being a Huawei mobile phone which she won in a spin-and-win 3 years ago.

And to the tune of “I wanna be a billionaire” by Bruno Mars 🤑

Throwing RM50 notes in the air like a wannabe billionaire for the organizer to film the act. The video can be viewed at the Rage Instagram page.

After claiming her cash prize, sure must buy a drink or two from the cafe la to treat mom and big sis 😍

And flaunt a bit of her kickboxing and Muay Thai moves la… photos of which are surely Insta-worthy for her page.

Rage has a cosy little section complete with bean bags, a punching bag and gloves for stressed out fellas to let off steam.

Flat whites fused with oat, coconut or soy milk, matcha matched with sweet palm sugar or sour plums: Unconventional couplings and specialty coffee concoctions are all the rage at Bangsar’s new cafe for busy bees and social butterflies seeking a space for both work and play.  Easy access to public transport (public bus and MRT are just steps away) means RAGE Bangsar is a convenient stop for mobile workers (communal tables come complete with power points at the cafe.

Sherilyn gave an early Hari Raya angpow to her beloved kakak Maria today the moment she got home.  Kakak Maria spoils Sherilyn by folding her clothes and changes her bedsheet (which I always strongly forbid but still she secretly does them) and does not complain a wee bit when she has to wash oily buttery post-baking utensils after Sherilyn bakes. Kakak Maria is the best part-time helper we’ve ever had.

Thank you so much Rage for the awesome cash prize win!!

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Sunbather Coffee @The Sphere, Bangsar South City

After our sumptuous lunch at The Farm Foodcraft @ The Sphere, we segued into Sunbather Coffee, located on the upper ground floor.

Sunbather Coffee’s menu highlights a worthy list of Instagrammable dishes, from impressive pocket sandwiches, Japanese-inspired rice bowls, delectable cake rolls, comforting pastas, irresistible house-made ice-creams, beautiful art-topped latte, specialty drinks and much more.

The ice cream served here is prepared in small batches to give you different flavours, some with a Japanese slant

Specializing in Western-influenced Japanese cuisine and third wave coffee, Sunbather Coffee opened its doors at The Sphere in December 2018. The cafe was packed to the brim with mostly youths when we were there on a Sunday.  We only ordered desserts, coffee and fancy beverages for the girls as we’d just had a heavy lunch but the pretty pocket sandwiches (which I initially thought were cakes) made me drool!  The pocket sandwiches in dark rye bread will be a must-order item the next time we patronize the cafe.

For a light lunch, opt for the 'ajitsuke tamago' sandwich made with dark rye bread
Photo credit: The Malay Mail

Photo credit: EatDrinkKL

My favorite Sunbather temptation is the Affogato with Madagascar vanilla ice-cream tinged with blue pea flower.

The iced matcha latte with Hojicha Kanten is not overly sweet and with just the  right ratio of milk to matcha which has a strong aroma of  premium green tea.  I loved it!  Hubs ordered Osmanthus latte which has a pleasant and mild sweetness of Osmanthus in each sip.

Sunbather’s Black Forest Roll Cake – very rich and chocolaty.

The Raindrop Anmitsu is of course for our Gen Z girls – fanciful, colorful and replete of their favorite chewies – jelly, mochi, red bean and watermelon balls. I find it a tad sweet for my palate  though.  Two of the mochi balls were not thoroughly cooked and the cafe supervisor gave us a RM1.80 discount off the bill.

There’s still so much more exciting items to try at Sunbather, sufficient for potentially half a dozen repeat visits and I am sure the girls will be more pleased than I am 😋

Sunbather is not only for the younger Generation. Even older people like myself get perky and happy at the sight of their colorful playful drinks, impressive Yoshoku (Western-influenced Japanese food) meals and desserts with unique combinations.

Sunbather Coffee
UG-12, Upper Ground, The Sphere, 8, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

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The Farm Foodcraft @ The Sphere, Bangsar South City

Today the hubs decided to bring us to try something new for lunch. So to Bangsar South we went!  We were impressed that within a short span of one year, so many eateries have opened up at The Sphere. We were there for the first time over a year ago and The Sphere was still pretty much empty with only a few eateries.  The lifestyle hub now features about 24 restaurants as of end May 2019 and does not only stop at local cuisine but a host of international options as well.  The Sphere is split into four levels with its anchor tenant, Aeon MaxValu Prime Super-market, covering a large section of the lower ground, acompanied by Miniso, Juice Lab and SOG Eyewear.

After a 15-20 minute walk around The Sphere, deciding on which restaurant to try, hubs finally settled on a new eatery ~ The Farm Foodcraft, which we later found out from the staff that it opened its doors just 4 days earlier. No wonder the menu was still pretty limited. Hubs ordered almost all the main courses in the menu and we left feeling totally satisfied with our meal! We were told by the staff that more exciting items to the menu is under way.

Inquisitive me also found out from the staff later that the herbs and some of the vegetables that we had in our salad were harvested in the restaurant’s own urban farming lab within the compound of the restaurant.  What they can’t grow, they source from the local farmers and vendors. There’s no middleman, no long drives to a remote farm for organic produce. Their ingredients get to the kitchen the same day they’re harvested.

Happy Harvest salad and Green Supreme juice for me. The salad serving is pretty huge and is enough for our family of  six.

Ox tail soup and truffle mushroom soup, both served with a crispy thinly sliced of buttered toast.

The main course items on the menu are fusion inspired and combines the best of both Asian and Western worlds.  The creamy mushroom pan mee with an assortment of different mushrooms (with sambal as condiment) was superb and curry beef lasagna comes with a bowl of mildly spicy aromatic curry.

East Meets West curry noodles is a flavorful curried broth with noodles and seafood. It’s spiciness level is so mild that I can stomach it very well.  I can’t take the typical fiery Malaysian curries but this spiciness level is perfect for me!

Everyone’s favorite dish here – Nasi Kerabu with very aromatic herbs and spices in every mouthful of rice.

Kuih Gulung is a marriage of Malay and Western flavors where the traditional Kuih Ketayap is metamorphosed into a whole new image, adorned with ice-cream and caramel cage to give it a restauranty edge.  The ultimate utopia was that moment when I took the first bite ~ the familiar fragrant dessicated coconut cooked in palm sugar nestled within the soft pandan kuih, oozing out as I popped the spoonful of kuih into  my mouth, heaven!  One mouthful is definitely not enough. I can actually chomp down the entire kuih by myself and not share it with anyone!  The girls can take the ice-cream and spun sugar, not the kuih!  This has to be one of the yummiest desserts I’ve ever tasted.

It’s not easy to please my bon viveur hubs and he’s pretty happy with the food, service and ambience.  We’ll definitely return again; this time to try their new dishes.  We’ll order the Nasi Kerabu and Kuih Gulung again for sure.

After our meal here, we segued into Sunbather Coffee for desserts! That’ll be in another post.

Level Ground, The Sphere, Bangsar South City
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2242 0964
Hours 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Letting Off Steam

A fatso made me hopping mad this morning.  Forgive my rather unkind words but I just have to let off steam here. See the man in black in the photo below? I don’t know him. But he couldn’t b**rdy control his words and unleashed the wrath of an angry woman because of the insulting words he said about me right behind my back.

The story goes like this…

This morning I had breakfast with the hubs, mil, the girls and our good friend, Alan Yun at a kopitiam.  My chair was back to back with the fatso in black tee (occupied later by the lady with her face blurred in the photo). Mid way through eating, fatso complained to me that my chair was too near his, so fine, I pulled my chair nearer to our table. A few minutes later, his woman arrived and he began to gossip loudly to her in Cantonese about my butt and chair!! How dare him!

Fatso – the lady behind me is not sitting properly. Look at her chair. Want to sit also don’t know how to sit.

Me – (starting to feel steam released from my ears)!!

Fatso –  Look at her putt (butt). Only half her putt is on the chair.  Sit until like that, yadi yadi yadaaaaaa…

OMG, like an uneducated so-free-till-nothing-to-do phat phor (nosy lady) at the market!!

I felt a wave of fire swept through my head and I turned over to face him and unleased the ball of fire right on his face! And KABOOM I morphed into a nasty angry b*tch 👽, trying so hard to control the F and B words from my mouth as my daughters were around.

Me in Cantonese to Fatso loudly, so loud I felt all heads at the kopitiam turned towards my direction:

“I like to sit like that, can’t I? Mind your own business. You’re a man, but such a busy body. My butt is small and I can’t occupy the entire chair. Jealous ar? !!”

Suddenly, everyone who was chatting at our table stopped short in shock. Fatso stopped short of gossiping too. I think he didn’t realize himself talking so loudly that I could hear him talk about my butt right behind my back, loud and clear.

GAWD! Never have I seen such a nincompoop of a man, insulting a woman’s butt right behind her.

Check out his fat butt on the chair. Some of the fats are jutting out from the holes on the chair behind and he expects my butt to be like that too? WTF!

Still in a fit of rage many minutes later, I ranted to hubby and the girls loudly that I have no more appetite to eat anything as some dim-witted people who have no business to mind about my butt  just spoiled my mood, just so the jerk could hear me.  I was expecting a backlash from him but he was as silent as a mouse after my outburst.

I was still ranting loudly throughout breakfast in Cantonese and English, voicing out my utter anger over the jerk just so he could hear it. Before I left, I asked Sherilyn to take a pic of the jerk. How dare he insult my butt and how I sit. Totally  none of his toot toot business.  Shame on you Fatso!

*End of rant and get off from soapbox*
Please, no backlash / negative comments on this post. Thank you.

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Wesak Day Weekend

So Mid Year Exam’s finally OVER for the brat rat.  What a load off my Cass’ shoulders.  Next will be getting the exam papers back, report card day 😖, Jogathon day (I’ll be running with the brat rat again!) and sports day but before all these stress, it’s celebratory time!!  Celebration of end of exam, two public holidays in a week (how awesome can that be!) and upcoming school holidays 🤩

We had our first round of celebration yesterday at My Town as it’s a public holiday (Wesak Day). Hubs had lunch with us at the mall before rushing back to his kitchen and office, leaving us to shop till we drop for 5 hours before taking Grab home.  If not for our part-time helper who was coming at 5:30 p.m., we could have continued shopping for another 2-3 hours, have our dinner there and return home at 9 p.m.. Us girls just love shopping, don’t you too?😉

We first had lunch at myBurgerLab but my bon viveur hubs wasn’t too contented with his Beautiful Mess burger. While the girls enjoyed digging into their sinful burgers with loads of curly fries (OMG!),  I was disappointed with my bun-free low carb burger  as well, as the there was too much sauce on the lettuce. I find the sauce too heavy and it really defeats the purpose of having a low-carb meal when the sauce is too sweet and salty.

After our ‘appetizer’ at myBurgerLab, we had our main meal at a Japanese restaurant 😋

Sorry I can’t remember the name of the Japanese restaurant as I didn’t manage to snap a picture of the restaurant coz my Huawei phone died on me AGAIN after a few photos!  Lately my Huawei has been showing signs of exhaustion and symptoms of a premature death.  I actually intend to get myself a new Huawei phone but with the current  US trade ban on Huawei, I may not be getting a Huawei phone.  What brand of mobile phone do you think I should get?  I still like Huawei though but can’t live without Google. What’s a phone to me if it means no access to Google?  Hopefully Washington keeps its promise to row back on its ban on Huawei.

Cass shopped for more books while her two sisters enjoyed a movie at the cinema.

We tried another new boba tea – Daboba.  A very popular bubble tea brand from Taiwan, Daboba claims to have the most fragrant brown sugar pearl milk tea, so rich in flavour that it leaves you wanting for more. But I think it’s no biggie, Daboba tastes almost the same as its competitors and my review is based on what I tried, which was grass jelly milk tea with 25% sugar. Alycia and Sherilyn both tried the milk tea with cheese and commented that it tastes “OK only” 😐

Our trip to My Town will never be complete without covering at least 20 rounds at H&M with countless trips to the fitting room 💃  If only time was on my side, I’ll be gamed for a shopping marathon and walk over 10 hours at the mall without an aching muscle!  I used to do that with my friends before the girls came along.  Thanks to hubby for the shopping spree treat yesterday 😘

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Cow Sense For Parents by Lydia Teh Giveaway – Announcement Of Winners!

And the winners of the giveaway are……

**drum rolls*

1. Audrey Chan
2. Sharmila
3. Adeline Poh
4. Evon Lee
5. Kohila

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!! 👏🏻

I will be contacting the winners via email soon to get your delivery details.

To those of you who are interested to purchase this book, it is available for pre-order at MPH. It’s retailed at RM32.90. Here’s the link :

Thank you to all those who have participated in this contest 💖

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5 Reasons to Consider Life Insurance

While it’s something you never want to face, the reality of needing life insurance is one that’s necessary to prepare for. Though it might seem like a gamble, life insurance has benefits worth considering in the long run. Here are some reasons to start thinking about life insurance in preparation for a secure future. Try googling life insurance companies near you to find a good match (e.g. life insurance elk grove ca).

Extra Expenses
The cost of burial can add up quickly, and it is the most immediate cost a family faces in the event of a loved one’s death. Having life insurance in place ensures the funeral cost is already paid for, easing the burden on those left behind.

Lost Income
In the case of a spouse’s death, life insurance replaces his or her income. This alleviates the financial burden on the remaining spouse, who may have been relying on that joint income, especially in the case of supporting children.

Children are a great incentive to obtain life insurance. In the case of a parent’s death, the lessened financial impact on the remaining parent will allow him or her to continue to care for children as if nothing has changed and can include saving up for college tuition.

Estate Taxes
In the case of inheritance upon death, taxes on the passed-on estate will come swooping in. These can be pricey, so it helps any heirs to have assistance for their inheritance, especially if they haven’t planned for or aren’t aware of the costs associated with it.

No one wants to leave the unnecessary burden of added debt on someone else’s shoulders. If you have life insurance, it can cover those finances that would otherwise be passed down to the rest of the family to take care of. A spouse or children would become responsible for any debt left behind, such as the mortgage.

Planning for your family’s sake is always worth it. That’s why it’s important to consider life insurance earlier instead of later when your chances of needing it are greater.

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Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 was a super busy day for me with 0% rest and 100% stress! It’s the eve of Cass’ mid-year exam! And I’ve got to stretch my patience to snapping point revising BM with a cool-as-cucumber laid-back kid who almost made my blood vessels rupture. My mil can vouch on that now.  In the past, she used to tell me to be more patient with the brat but lately whenever she sits down to attempt to teach the kid Chinese, she’s sure to bounce off her seat huffing and puffing away within 5 minutes, every single time 😂

On Saturday, hubs brought us to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Being the eve of Mother’s Day, the wait for insane. We waited for over 1.5 hours before the food came! And because he did not make any reservation, we had to be seated outside the restaurant, in billy boiling heat wave temperatures, with lizards all over the ceiling and one lizard even pooped on our table 🤮

By the time the food came at 9:30 p.m., our dinner turned into supper!  Nonetheless the food was good.

From top clockwise: Pomfret fish steamed Teochew style (this fish alone cost RM200 but was super fresh),  stir-fried assorted vegetables with caramelized walnut and macadamia (my favorite among all the dishes), fried pork ribs with red dragon fruit, sauteed ostrich meat, braised beef tendon (didn’t try this as it’s not my kind of food!), fried sotong rings and fried rice.

After a 1.5-hour wait for the food while feeding the mozzies, it took us only 30 minutes to polish off all the dishes. After dinner, the hubs suggested going to a cafe for some cakes and coffee for a pre Mother’s Day celebration but the girls and I said NO! We were all tired and sleepy after a long and tiring busy Saturday. Luckily the smart mommy stashed a revision book into her handbag and managed to steal some time to go through the book with the couldn’t care less kid while waiting for the food to arrive, else what a waste of our time.

Mother’s Day lunch was at Fei Fei Crab. Fortunately, the food came in a jiffy this time with top notch service.  Hubs ordered Super Crab, stir fried vermicelli with lala, sauteed shell fish, BBQ pork ribs and fried mantou to go with the salted egg yolk sauce from the Super Crab.

Although the hubs bought a Mother’s Day cake for the 2 mothers in his life, I had zilch mood to cut the cake by the time he came home from basketball at 9 p.m. to cut the cake with us.  I was completely zonked out with house work and mostly by the little brat who has super powers in zapping away all my energy! Weekends are no helper days and yesterday the mil cooked a big pot of sambal.  I dread cleaning up messy greasy kitchen 😞

Eve of exams on Sundays are cheat days – the girls get to feast on fast food!  This time, I left it to Alycia to order McDelivery.

Let’s dig in! Forbidden food always taste so good, huh?

And guess what? As of typing this post, the Mother’s Day cake is still sitting nicely inside the box in the fridge and I don’t even have the mood to remove it from the box to snap a photo of it.  But I managed to copy a picture of the cake from the RT Pastry Facebook page 😁  Hubs bought the lilac color yam cake with the word MOM on it. Guess it’ll be the girls’ dessert after dinner tonight 😄

How was your Mother’s Day? Did you receive any gifts from your little ones and hubby?  Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this 😘

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Berjaya Teen Star Challenge 2019

My dancing queen quietly registered herself in the Berjaya Teen Star Challenge 2018 audition last year and ‘recruited’ 2 of her classmates to be in her dance team. She choreographed the dance herself.  During the audition, one of her friends forgot the steps – they didn’t make it. Sherilyn vowed to try again the following year, though her dad and I didn’t fully encourage her to.

This year, again she quietly registered herself in the 2019 audition, representing her school. I’ve been telling her that it’s a waste of her time participating in so many dance competitions and she should instead be spending more time on her studies. The previous two classmates’ mothers did not approve of this year’s audition as well.  She did not find a partner to dance with her until two weeks before the audition when she chanced upon this Malay girl, D, from her school who is a year her junior at an inter-school sports meet at the stadium.  With only 2 weeks to go before the audition, she trained with D in school almost everyday. D came to our condo during the weekends to practise at our  condo gym.

The audition was held last Saturday. The two girls took Grab to Berjaya Time Square, with D’s mother tagging along.  They audition went pretty well but the judges weren’t too satisfied with D’s steps. Can’t blame D as she only had 2 weeks of practice. Moreover, D does not have much experience in modern dance. She’s a cultural dancer in school but it’s pretty different from modern dance.

The judges told Sherilyn in private that she had two choices:
1. to find another partner OR
2. her partner has to work on the flaws and to come back the next day (Sunday) for the final audition.

When they returned from the audition, they continued practising and perfecting the steps. With only a few more hours to go before the next audition, there was not much that they could do but to try and hope for the best. Sherilyn who choreographed the dance had to change some of the steps at the eleventh hour.

Sherilyn didn’t even tell me that she and her partner got through the second audition to emerge top 40 in Malaysia (modern dance category) to compete in the Berjaya Teen Star Challenge until I Whatsapped her while she was still at the audition venue!

Sherilyn should have named her team The Dimple Girls instead as both she and her friend have the sweetest and deepest dimples on both sides of their cheeks!

After Hari Raya, all the contestants who got through the audition have to attend a workshop at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills @ Bukit Tinggi for a short training session on how to perfect their showmanship before the prelims to be held in three months.

When it comes to things that interest her like dancing, martial arts, athletics and baking, Sherilyn’s discipline and focus are impeccable.  This fearless girl loves participating in competitions too.  She woke up very early on her own on both days to get ready – prepped her own breakfast, did her makeup and hair herself and ordered Grab herself. She’s naturally a born leader, in areas that pique her passion, which are all right-brain dominated!

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