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One of the things that I miss the most about having a live-in maid is not having to do any cooking. Lunch and dinner would be all settled by Dyah, our previous helper, whom I miss terribly when she first left us. All I needed to do was to write out a weekly menu on what to cook for lunch and dinner and Dyah would know what to do. For over 10 years, I hardly stepped into the wet kitchen. In the initial days when she just left to return to her homeland for good, I did not know where things were kept. I did not even know how to operate the washing machine.  It took me over 1.5 years to get used to living without Dyah. It was only recently when the MIL went overseas for several months that I really learned how to be independent – how to whip up meals for the kids everyday and how to juggle my time between doing house chores, cooking, taking care of the kids’ welfare and doing my online business.

One of the things that I find very time consuming is cooking. Preparation and cooking eats up at least an hour of my time daily. And this is with preparing only easy-to-cook dishes with minimal preparation, simple cooking procedures and requires minimal washing up. On days when I am too tied down with my online store, cooking will be the last thing I want to do. On such days, I will bring the kids to the Japanese restaurant at our condo to have dinner or drive out to the nearby shops to eat. On days when we are all fed-up of the choices that we have, we will have pizza or KFC delivered to our door-step.  Recently, my friend introduced me to Food Panda, a food delivery service. With this awesome service, I will now be spoilt for choice with a WIDE range to pick from, such as Tony Roma’s, Papa John’s, Secret Recipe, DOME, A&W, Sakae Sushi, The Chicken Rice Shop, Cha Time, among others! Delivery fee is just a few Ringgit and some outlets will stipulate a minimum order requirement.

Speaking about food, I now crave for some Japanese food! This Saturday, I am all gamed up to use Food Panda’s service to order food from one of our favorite eateries. I’ll bet my girls will be excited to pick their choice of food and eatery!


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