Baby C Can’t Poo

for 2 days already and I am worried sick coz my baby has always been a good ‘pooper’ since birth and has never had problems with emptying her bowels.  I hope the built up poop inside her body will not aggravate her kidney reflux and cause another UTI.  If she still can’t poo poo by tomorrow, I may bring her to her pediatrician.  I’ve been massaging her tummy the whole day and praying that she can poo poo today but she didn’t even let out a fart today.  I wonder what’s wrong with her.  I am dammmmmn worried now.  Being a mum is just so tough and always full of worries…

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7 thoughts on “Baby C Can’t Poo

  1. do u give her water? i know fully breastfeeding babes dont need water, but i did give my kids water cause i wanted them to get used to drinking it. try that. u might wanna check if a little of prune juice is ok for small bb or not

  2. Hey don’t worry too much. When Darrius was about 2 mths old, there was a few times when he did not poo more than a week! And since he was an exclusive breastfed baby, he did not get any hard poo when he finally poo-ed.

    Hope Cassie will poo-poo soon…

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