Baby C @ Day 16

That’s Cassandra at day 15

and day 16

Baby C’s legs are very thin, they were even thinner at birth, just like skin wrapped round her bones. Sherilyn even commented yesterday that baby C’s legs are like ‘chicken legs’, how very right she was in her description, LOL!

I’ve been nursing Cassandra all day and night till my teats feel so sore. They even feel sore when they touch my clothes. My sil from HK has given me a very good Lanolin cream for nursing moms to apply on the nipples. Perhaps I should try them today, else I will not be able to nurse Cassandra anymore.

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13 thoughts on “Baby C @ Day 16

  1. i used palmer’s nipple cream and it helps and its edible for my girl when i bf her.
    keep it up, if u lose the formula a bottle per day, u will be able to bf fully. another 15 days and u will hv a rountine..

  2. my girl last time oso chicken legs, unlike my son…

    better apply the cream b4 it gets worst… i had crack once n it bleeds… reli painful

  3. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog & comment. Apart from taking care pf babies anyway you’re finding some time for blog and posting . New baby monitor’s very useful. I’m not sure it is available in India. Thanks for the information. Baby C’s very curious.

    Have a good rest

  4. the nipple must be very sore…guess you will need to use a pump…if it worsens….the cream will help it to heal….

  5. Hi! Haven’t dropped by your blog for a while!

    My now 3mth old Caleb is actually skinnier than my now 3yr old Caitlin, when she was around his age. But during his last visit the Dr Pixie he is actually still on the normal range of weight for his age. From your photos, Cassie looks fine, at least to me!

    In my opinion, I think it’s better to start off childhood on the slim side, rather than on the plumb side. Because it’s a lot easier to put on weight later on in adult life, than to lose weight…

    Actually it’s not just my opinion, it’s actually my experience! I am still carrying around baby fat that I gained over 30 years ago!

    Take care!

  6. TRy not to let her suckle too often (for soothing) unless she is hungry…maybe you can consider expressing it at the moment till u feel better.

  7. Don’t worry about the chicken leg. She will grow up well. I notice that she likes to turn her head to her right. Becareful not to let her develop this habit.

    As for the nipple crack, I agree with giddy tiger, breast milk contains vitamin E which is very good for healing nipple cracks.

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