Baby C Loves Purple Sweet Potato Bread

The other day, hubby bought a loaf of purple sweet potato bread from RT Pastry House, our favorite bakery. This bread tasted so good and all the kids, including Baby C loved it. I loved it too and kept nibbling on it… fei sei ngor lor!! The bread was sweet, soft, fluffy and… fattening! But who cares, eat first and exercise later lar. What’s life if I can’t even indulge in food that I like right?

Baby C’s bowl of purple sweet potato bread.

Baby C seated on kakak’s lap as she fed her breakfast… and she kept pointing to the bread and wanted to grab the bread. That’s how yummy the bread was.

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8 thoughts on “Baby C Loves Purple Sweet Potato Bread

  1. Haha, “eat first and exercise later” is my motto also 😛 What’s the meaning of life if I can’t enjoy the food I love???

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