Baby C Said “Hey Daddy”!

I just have to put this on record.  I know it’s still way too soon for Baby C to be talking but last night, hubby and I heard Baby C saying “Hey Daddy”!

It’s a norm for Baby C to wake up at around 2-3am everyday. She will then crawl everywhere on our king size bed, climb all over us, sometimes pulls our hair or gives us a good massage on the shoulders. It was no exception last night. Baby C woke up at 3am and was in a bubbly mood and just didn’t want to go back to sleep. Suddenly, hubby and I heard her ‘saying’
“hey daddy!”. I know it could be just coincidental as Baby C loves babbling and what she babbled last night sounded so clear and precise! Daddy was beaming with pride and joy when he heard that. We just can’t wait for Baby C to be yakking away just like her 2 cheh chehs.  Oh well, maybe when Baby C can talk and answer me back when I scold her in future, I will then wish she would just shut up,  haha!

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  1. Paik Ling…. she wakes up almost every night and will play with us for about 1/2 an hour, until I nurse her and force her back to sleep.

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