Baby C’s Post Surgery – Day 4

My sweetie-pie had her first post-surgery hair wash yesterday. I could no longer stand the amount of vomit on her hair and asked the nurses to give her a good hair wash when they gave her her usual morning sponge after the surgeon had changed the dressing for the wound. As usual, this fler hates hair washes… but didn’t have much strength to struggle nor to wail.

The hair wash was done on the bed in the treatment room, in a round basin filled with water. The nurses used a special fragrance-free antibacterial shampoo to wash her hair and sponge her body.  After the hair wash, she was given a good hair dry.

Yesterday, Baby C pulled off the nasal gastric tube from her nose. The doctor laughed when we told him that coz he too had the intention of removing the tube earlier and said that babies seem to know when something doesn’t need to be hanging from their body anymore. 

Towards the afternoon yesterday, I noticed that Baby C’s right hand was a tad puffy. I told the doctor and he ordered that the IV line be removed again. Baby C was then brought to the treatment room where our doctor searched for a vein and inserted the IV line into the reverse side of her elbow (what part is this called?). In less than a week, my sweetie-pie has had her IV line inserted thrice. According to our doctor, Baby C didn’t wail or struggle when she was being poked. I guess all the vomiting and retching felt way more terrible than the pain caused by the needle or from her wound. Haih, poor poor baby….

Baby C managed to drink some breastmilk yesterday but towards the evening, she puked after her feeds.  The Sister wanted to insert the nasal gastric tube back but I objected. The Sister then called the doctor on the phone to get clearance and the doctor said that there wasn’t any necessity to put the tube back. So you see, motherly instinct is always right and the nurses may not always be right.

Baby C’s overall condition has improved but she is still having quite a gassy, queasy and bloated tummy.  Her poop is also watery and the color…. you’ll be shocked to see the color of her poop…. it’s dark green, almost black, like squid ink, eewww!  But the doctor said it’s ok.  The dark greenish poop is caused by lack of food and how the bile functions (dont’t really know how to explain this).

Up next…. An X-Ray machine was wheeled into our room this morning.

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17 thoughts on “Baby C’s Post Surgery – Day 4

  1. so glad that Baby C is getting better. will continue to pray for Baby C for her early recovery.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and you do take care, ya.

  2. Hang in there, it’s great to hear that Bb C is on the way to recovery. Still some way more to go, but it’s great improvement. I hope you get some rest too.

    Again, I salute you.

  3. Glad that your girl is a mum of a premature child who has stayed in the hospital for 5 months..I can fully understand what you are going thru…

    everything would be alright from now onwards 🙂

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