Baby C’s Post Surgery – Day 5 and 6

Post Surgery Day 5 (Sunday, 10 May 09)
Early in the morning, the x-ray machine was wheeled into our room for the x-ray to be done on Baby C’s guts and chest since she was still puking. The x-ray showed nothing wrong with her guts and chest. There was however lots of gas towards the lower abdomen. Baby C was still puking albeit overall, her condition has improved, i.e. was more alert and looked happier.

Post Surgery Day 6 (Monday, 11 May 09)
When our surgeon examined her in the morning, he commented that Baby C’s tummy looked really distended. Bowel loops were also visible on her tummy. Her tummy felt hard. Our doctor inserted the nasogastric tube back through Baby C’s nostrils and aspirated out lots of gas plus breast milk that she drank 3 hours ago. Imagine, she drank the milk 3 hours ago and it was still sitting inside the guts!  Our doctor was worried that her guts are obstructed and if indeed they are, holy moly, she would need a surgery to fix them! I tell you, I was sick to the pit of my own guts.

Baby C’s hand where the IV line was inserted got puffy AGAIN! This is the 3rd time it got puffy and the doctor had to remove the line and insert the brannula in another hand…. again!

Our surgeon ordered another x-ray called Fluoroscopy. The radiologist had to inject some contrast via the nasogastric tube and at intervals capture pictures of the guts. I was told that the procedure would take between half an hour to an hour but it lasted up to 3 hours! That 3 hours felt like 3 days as I waited for the news. I could not imagine the pain and torture my poor baby would have to endure if she had to go through yet another surgery.

Our surgeon walked in later in the afternoon and told us that Baby C’s guts are not obstructed. She has postoperative Ileus or lazy guts. What a relief I felt upon hearing the news.  The whole of today Baby C has been fretful and crabby.  She has also caught our cough virus and has lots of phlegm.    My poor baby, not only does she feel pain in the wound but has horrendous discomfort in her tummy and throat too.  But she’s tough and resilient.  I hope she will turn the corner and bounce back tomorrow.

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26 thoughts on “Baby C’s Post Surgery – Day 5 and 6

  1. So glad to know that her guts are not obstructed. I’m sure she will recover soon. Be strong mummy…we will keep our in our praying

  2. My heart was beating so fast when i read your post. Thank God Baby C doesn’t need another surgery. Hurry and get well soon, Cassandra. Can’t wait to see you smiling and playing with your toys again. *muaks*

  3. Poor gal and mummy. So sad to read what she is going through. I hope all these things will passed and journey on the road to recovery! Hang in there!

  4. Hope all will be well soon for baby C, about time she should be recover when i read all your post my mind went it got to be stop she is only one year old baby.

    God bless baby C and I’m sure all of us are praying for her speedy recovery.

  5. really sad to read how Baby C have to go through all these. ((((((HUG)))))

    But happy to hear that she is recovering now and don’t need to go for another surgery. Get well soon baby c!!

  6. Be strong,.. i pray baby C will get better soon. She’s so small but must through all these terrible stuff. Poor baby but I’m sure she’ll be OK.

  7. Oh gosh… I really felt sick reading that she might need another surgery. But alas, thank God, hope she feels better real soon. Lots of kisses to her!

  8. BB C my heart goes out to you!! And your mummy is one strong mummy, one day when you read all about these and what your mummy went thru, be sure to hug your mummy one time more and tell her how much you love her.

    Rest well, and may God use the hands of the doctors and nurses to heal you.

  9. poor poor baby C….my heart also dropped reading all her post surgery updates, it’s really painful !! but if babyC is so brave & strong, mummy has to be stronger for her yea!!
    may god pls ensure a speedy & 100% recovery for babyC!!
    take good care of yrself too, good luck!!

  10. My heart ached reading abt her post-surgery condition. Glad to hear she’s on the way to recovery now. Here’s wishing bb C a speedy recovery.
    I really really really hope she doesn’t hv to go thru any of these tortures again.
    Hugs to u n bb C.

  11. My heart breaks to read what Baby C and you are going through. I have gone through this and know how exhausting it can be. My daughter too used to puke everyday, 6-7 times a day since she was 7months old. We changed several docs, and several rounds of diagnosis and wrong treatment, she was finally hospitalized with huge no of tests done and then finally diagnosed with minor reflux (GERD). I can recollect all the pain she went through while i read ur blog. She was on medicine for a while and finally we stopped it coz the doctor didnt have any solution to it except keep taking it till she outgrew the reflux. Now, she is 2 years 3 months old, not vomitting for 5-6 times a day but definitely once a day she will puke her meal out. She hates having food. She is still on liquidy mashed food, and yet pukes it out. I have accepted her condition and hoping that she will outgrow it someday. It seems to have reduced a lot. Its a tough and tiring journey with a reflux baby…but i am hoping things will get better with time. Wishing Baby C happy recovery and a healthy life.

  12. If you can advise me anything about this, would be really grateful. She didnt have UTI problem and it wasnt kidney reflux but gastroesophageal reflux. Any doctor whom you can refer to? We stay in KL. Its not as serious as before though. I have kind of accepted the puking as part of her growing up and really hope that there is a way out of this (without surgery). You can email me at

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