Baby Fell And Grazed Her Knees

I was corroded with guilt last week when Baby tripped and fell at the pool area. She landed flat on her front on the pebbled flooring and both her knees were badly grazed and bled. How could I have not let her wear a pair of long pants when I brought her down for a stroll? Careless me!! I ought to be given a big knock on my head! Now there is a patch of scab on both her knees. But this tough little cookie did not cry. She only writhed in pain whenever I showered her or wet her knees. She did not allow me to put a bandage on her knees though and I think she still has a phobia of bandages. Baby still squirms at the sight of medical equipment and bandages. I think she needs years to get over the trauma that she had gone through last year. If you need to gethome medical supplies at the convenience of your finger tips, head over to

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