Bad Morning

It was a jinxed morning for me.  This morning during my morning jog round the neighborhood, I saw a mad dog chasing a man on a bicycle. I turned back to check if the man was OK and if the dog was going to chase me too but shit, I tripped and flew straight down on the hard tarred road, landing on both the palm of my hands.  The skin on my palm on both hands were badly scraped off and there was a lot of blood.  Well, the man who was chased by the dog was unscathed and he gave me a good “I’m OK but you are NOT!” stare as he cycled passed me, shit!  My hand hurt like hell, up until now.  There were scratches all over  my skin beneath my sports top.  I don’t mind getting my hands hurt if I had nothing to do but sit and watch TV.  But I have household chores to do, lots of typing on the PC, a 4YO girl to bathe and wash up. My hands are my no. 1 assets and now they are so injured. Shit shit shit.  I am feeling so lousy now.  Thank God it was not my wrists that were injured, else I would have bled to death while scurrying home.

Blurred pic of my fresh wound, taken by Cass.. it was her first time snapping pic using my digital camera.  My hands are now plastered and I need to put on a pair of plastic gloves when I am working in the kitchen and bathroom.  I am going to suffer for the next 1 week. Hate this injury as it is slowing down my work. My palms are still throbbing with pain and had turned blue black now.

Any volunteers tonight??  I want to cry each time I see a pile of dishes in the wet kitchen…

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11 thoughts on “Bad Morning

  1. Sorry to hear about your fall and the wound on your palms. It looks painful to me. I think you should avoid to cook at home until you get better.

  2. Aiyo, you poor thing. You will need a pair of washing gloves over the next one week, secure if with rubber band in the wrist to ensure no water gets in too. Or get hubby and mil to wash the dishes… Hehehehe.

    Sure looks really pain, but like they say, shit happens, thank God not your pretty face or other parts.

  3. It wasn’t nice of the cyclist to not help. In a way you are very lucky you didn’t break any bones. A lot of folks have suggested rubber gloves and waterproof plasters which I am sure you can do easily. But at nite, I’d suggest to leave the wounds to the air to dry. Don’t be too surprised that the scabs may crack and ooze as you heal as they are in an awkward spot where there is unavoidable movement.

  4. Ouch! I can feel the pain by looking at your pics.
    Try to minimize on cooking and washing until the wound heals. Don’t feel guilty eating out now that exam is over (well, at least for this year) and school holidays approaching.. 🙂

  5. Oh dear! It must be very painful. Agreed with the others, minimize your cooking and washing. Time to eat out :). Let mummy have some rest too. Get well soon.

  6. that’s a bad fall. I agreed with the others too..tapau from shops or eat out for the time being till your hands are recovered, or worst come to worst use disposable paper plates, forks and spoon, so that you have less to wash..

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