Bedtime Ritual

Alycia and Sherilyn reading on my bed. Note : Sherilyn busy counting away with her fingers.

Sherilyn reading her favourite book.

Alycia learning to read from her Leap Frog.

On most nights before bed, I will either read to Alycia and Sherilyn or sometimes the gals prefer to ‘read’ on their own and Alycia will tell me to go to my room to do my own things and not to kacau them. You see, so young and they already want their own space and want me to get lost :shake head:

The gals can sometimes ‘read’ independently an entire book, especially if it’s their favourite books. I think it’s more of them memorizing the pages. Anyway, I am glad that my gals have acquired the love for books and hope that this will be their lifelong love as there is no better and cheaper way to broaden one’s horizons than to keep reading, always.

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8 thoughts on “Bedtime Ritual

  1. wahh…i wonder when these days will come, both ur girls so rajin lah. Mine until fall asleep

  2. Impressive! Your children reading on their own 🙂
    They may be memorizing, but after some time, they will be able to recognise the words.

  3. wah so independent! u trained them to diy or something?

    cairo likes me or hubby to read w her cos she gets to show off to us words she knows (n make up those she doesn’t :s)

  4. Yes.. reading is a cultivated activity.. 🙂 i love children who reads.. 🙂
    Chloe loves to read on her own.. with her own make up story.. 😉

  5. LOL MamaBok… Alycia also loves to make up her own stories.
    When’s Chloe’s bday? Chloe’s born in Dec 03? Alycia’s bday is on 5 Dec 03.

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