Berry Chocolately Bread

This is my breakfast today:

Milo sprinkled on homemade wholewheat bread with sliced jumbo sized strawberries.

This is anytime healthier than char koay teow, chee cheong fun, curry laksa or nasi lemak eh? I realize that if I cut down on deep fried, oily and spicy food, the monthly zits will stop bothering my face. And my complexion glows too! So try out health freak mommy’s complexion glowing recipe of daily exercise, drinking lots of plain water, green tea, coconut water, eating a few servings of fruits everyday and ditch your junk food.  Feeding your skin with a good skin care product is vital too. One thing that I must strive to improve on is to get at least 6 hours of sleep. Still trying very hard in this area!

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2 thoughts on “Berry Chocolately Bread

  1. Sorry…CKT and nasi lemak anytime for me!!! Don’t affect my skin but boy, does a number on the tummy! I look at them as a cleanse, and a delish one too!!

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