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Talking about toilet papers, my friends were in disbelief when I told them recently that I buy an average of one bag of 10 toilet rolls every single week. Sometimes I buy even more when I see discounts at my favorite mart. But what turns me off when I shop for toilet rolls is lugging the bags of toilet rolls from the car park of our condo back to our unit on the 5th floor. As I don’t only buy toilet rolls but other stuff as well, the toilet rolls would always be stacked up on the top of the trolley and this aunty here will be struggling to push her trolley up the ramp to the lift area. Sometimes the bags of toilet rolls would fall off the trolley while going up the ramp and sometimes the flimsy plastic carrier on the bag would tear off whilst I carry it! Nightmare for this aunty as I am usually alone and would have to stop right smack in the middle of the basement picking up the bag of toilet papers and then tuck the bag under my armpit! That is why I sometimes opt to buy toilet rolls online as the toilet papers would be delivered right to my door step. The only downside is that I have to pay delivery charges to the online store. I’m sure some of you echo my sentiments too.

I am very finicky when it comes to buying toilet papers. These are my criteria when choosing toilet papers:

1. the toilet papers must be made from 100% virgin pulp.
2. there must be minimal to no dust from the papers when I tear them.
3. the toilet papers must be OBA (optical brightening agent)-free.
4. the toilet papers must be compact and not filled with air.
5. have a smaller core, thus more toilet papers.
6. The plastic bag holding the toilet rolls must be completely sealed on both the top and bottom.

Have you ever noticed that most brands of toilet papers in the market are packaged in a plastic bag that is not completely sealed, leaving a small opening at the top and bottom of the bag? Think creepy crawlies entering the bag and contaminating the papers with their droppings and then the contaminated papers are used to wipe your down under or even your mouth. Ewwww!

I choose high-quality toilet papers over cheaper sub-standard ones as high-quality toilet paper is gentle on your sensitive regions, easy on your sewage, and it cleans up messes without leaving any bits behind.

Recently I came across Seazons’ Rock, a new brand of toilet tissues while browsing for toilet papers online. Rock toilet tissues meet all my six criteria above for toilet papers. I ordered a pack of 18 toilet rolls to try as it came with free shipping. When I received my order, I was pleasantly surprised that the two bags of toilet rolls were really heavy, which means that I am buying more papers and not air. After trying the toilet papers, I am completely sold! The toilet papers are soft yet the rolls are so compact and hard that they feel rock solid, thus the name Rock.

Retailed at RM56.90 for a bundle of 18 rolls, each roll contains 1000 sheet of double-ply papers. Although the price is a tad higher than other brands, we get more papers in each roll. Each bundle of 18 rolls is equivalent to approximately 55 rolls of regular toilet papers from other cheaper brands.

Rock toilet tissues are:
Made with 100% virgin pulp
Fragrance Free
Sulfate Free
2-ply with strong fibers
Hygienic as they are packaged in a completely sealed plastic bag.
Extremely compact and have smaller cores
Proudly made in Selangor, Malaysia
Each bundle of 18 rolls weighs a whopping 4.9kg!

This short video shows how rock-hard and compact Rocky toilet rolls are compared to other brands of toilet papers:

As Rock toilet rolls have a smaller core, this means more sheets in each roll and fewer replenishment. If the toilet roll holder in your bathroom is too big for the small core, worry not. Each bundle of 18 rolls toilet papers comes with two free heavy-duty magic hooks. Simply stick the magic hook onto your bathroom tile, get a piece of ribbon or rope to tie the roll and hang the toilet roll onto the hook. The magic hook sticks to most surfaces sturdily but if your wall is not tiled, you may not want to stick the hook onto the wall as the paint may peel off when you remove the hook.

Toilet Roll Holder Design Contest
Seazons is currently running a toilet roll holder design contest and the first three winners get to win shopping cash vouchers!

Period Of Contest
This Contest will commence from midnight 00:00:00, 1st March 2020 and will end on 17:00:00, 31st May 2020.

Entry Submission & Eligibility Criteria
To enter this Contest, participants are required to purchase Rock Toilet Roll and retain original receipt as proof of purchase. Participants can purchase and enter the contest unlimited times. However, each receipt will only be entitled to 1 entry.

Participation / Entry Method
Participants may enter the contest via the method as explained below:
Step 1: Purchase Rock Toilet Roll
Step 2: Fill up contest form available at Contest Page and submit together your most creative design for the Rock Toilet Roll Holder.

Winner Selection, Contest Prizes and Winners Announcement

Prizes are as below:
1st Prize – RM2,000.00 Cash Voucher*
2nd Prize – RM1,000.00 Cash Voucher*
3rd Prize – RM500.00 Cash Voucher*
100 x Consolation Prizes – 1 packet of Seazons Rock Toilet Roll (9 rolls x 1000 sheets) each

*shopping vouchers at a leading supermarket or hypermart

Discount Voucher for Health Freak Mommy readers!
Specially for Health Freak Mommy readers, you can utilize the following voucher code to get a RM5 discount off your order of Rock toilet tissues when you purchase from DaEZmart, Lazada and Shoopee.

Just key in the code during checkout and the amount will be deducted from the total amount.

Shipping is FREE for delivery within West Malaysia.

By lasting a while longer than other toilet papers, Rock toilet tissues will also help you save money on your monthly household expenses. Rock toilet tissues truly rocks! Get a pack to try today.

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