Best Way To Clean Up Raw Egg Spill

For the first time in my life, I accidentally dropped an egg onto the kitchen floor yesterday. I was rushing to prepare half-boiled eggs for my Miss Demanding and then at the slip of my hand, the darn egg slipped through my fingers and lay DOOMED on the floor!

If you handle raw eggs a great deal, you will know how difficult it is to pick up tiny cracked egg shells that’s dropped into the raw egg mixture. It is also a nightmare to have to clean up  slimy raw egg from hard surfaces such as the floor or countertop as the eggs just won’t soak into the kitchen paper, tissue paper or cloth at all. The raw egg will slip out of the material, creating an even bigger disaster.

As it was the first time I cleaned up the mess, I used toilet papers and newspapers and I had to use  a big stack of newspapers to clean up just 1 broken egg mess on the floor!!

After cleaning up and cursing like a foul-mouthed mother, I googled  ‘best way to clean up raw egg spill’ so that I won’t have to waste so much time cleaning up the next time this happens again.

So this is what I gathered and the magic ingredient is table salt!

1) Cover the cracked open egg with table salt.
2) Leave the salt until it is completely absorbed by the egg.
3) Brush the salted egg onto a newspaper. It will come off the floor or surface very easily.
4) Dispose of the egg. Take more care with your next egg!
5) Spray disinfectant on affected area. For me, I sprayed Sol-U-Guard disinfectant from Melaleuca

Raw eggs are a source of salmonella. After handling raw eggs, always wash your hands thoroughly with water and anti-bacterial soap. Dispose of broken shells and raw eggs in a sealed plastic bag away from children and pets. Wearing protective gloves is highly recommended.

Here are some pix copied from WikiHow on how to clean up spilled raw eggs:




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  1. This tips is indeed useful. Thanks for sharing Shireen. I must keep this in my mind for the unexpected incident that may occur anytime.

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