Bestest Jie Jie In The WWW

On weekends when Alycia is around, I actually feel a tad relaxed. This girl can help me babysit her baby sister pretty well and sometimes she helps me feed her too – her milk and her meals! 

Baby doodled the drawers with a red color pencil the other day. No need to guess who came to my aid….

When Alycia saw the doodling on the drawers, without any hesitation she dashed to the bathroom, got hold of the magic ceramic sponge and gladly wiped the mess away… with a smile too!

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10 thoughts on “Bestest Jie Jie In The WWW

  1. Alycia is just a good gal. She is just a joy to have ya? Doing it with a smile too. What a joyful kid!

    My eldest gal is also like that, she is very nice to her mei meis and she will not hestitate to help me clean up after them.

    We really must really Thank God for such dearies. We are so luckly to have them as our daughters.

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