Birds’ Nest

That’s a bowl of birds’ nest double boiled with ‘pau sum’ (a type of ginseng) and rock sugar. I love birds’ nest and the only time I get to savour this expensive and exotic delicacy is when I’m pregnant. For both my pregnancies, I ate a lot of birds’ nest. Whenever my mil was around, she would soak the nests and then painstakingly spend 2 days cleaning the birds’ nest by using a tweezer to pick up dirt and feathers that are stuck to nests. Then, she would double boil the nests to perfection. However, when she’s overseas, hubby would buy the instant ones from Lo Hong Ka, which I don’t really fancy as they are tasteless when compared to the good quality ones that have been selected, cleaned and double boiled.

Last week, hubby bought 6 pieces of orangy colored wild birds’ nest from Eu Yang Sang and got the owner of the shop to double boil the birds’ nest. I’ve eaten 3 times and I have another 3 more rounds to go. They smell really good, like the aroma of cooked eggs. I was told that good quality birds’ nest would emit the smell of cooked eggs when they are boiled. I was really touched by hubby’s concern, well, I think he’s more concerned of the baby! When I asked how much the birds’ nest cost, my jaw almost dropped. The 6 tiny pieces of birds’ nest cost a whopping RM600!!

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9 thoughts on “Birds’ Nest

  1. Alice… I didn’t give him a kiss but complained that he had wasted his money unnecessary!

    BP… the old chinese wives say that birds’ nests nourish the bb’s lungs and good for the complexion too. But actually there is no scientific evidence that they are really good, that’s what I know.

  2. Nice hor? Eat lah.. don’t complain. Ur hubs buy for u coz sayang u mah. I still hv some leftover from my 2nd pregnancy. So now when I double boil them, XY oso get to eat a small bowl.

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