Blue Black Cheek

Sherilyn is always bursting with energy, ideas and mischievous. She climbs up and down the sofa, climbs up the tv cabinet, puts her potty inside the drawer and then sits on the potty, jumps on the sofa as if she’s jumping on a trampoline, hops up and down the stairs of the split-level at our hall and pretends to be a frog, yanks off drawer knobs and safety gadgets, touches forbidden items and the list goes. Several days ago, she knocked her cheek on the wall whilst she was jumping on the sofa and got a blue-black mark on her face, just below her left eye but that still did not stop her from jumping again less than half an hour later. Sometimes I just don’t know how to discipline and tame this little monkey for she doesn’t really fear anything, not even the whip.

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10 thoughts on “Blue Black Cheek

  1. Hi HFM–ouch, that looks like it hurt. So much jumping around, so much energy. Now it needs to be channeled productively, not so destructively.

    Sweet, sweet little one in the photo!

  2. TNP…. yes, i’m trying my best to channel Sher’s energy productively but sometimes when i’m busy with work, she tends to be destructive to get my attention.

    Leena…she cried buckets for 5 mins but was up and running and jumping again in less than half an hour.

  3. OUCH…it mnust have hurt a lot 🙁 poor gal….mine is just like that….climbing everywhere. I have yet to show her the CANE.

  4. Ouch! That must be painful… get well soon!

    My mom told me that they are afraid of pain or remembers them. They may cry now but minutes later, you will see them doing the same 🙂 sama sama here….

  5. my princess also same, fell down and knocked her mouth, her mouth full of blood, but after 10 mins, she do the same thing.

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