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Our once yearly treat to the world’s tastiest potato snacks arrived at our door step a few days ago. The MIL and SIL would visit Japan every year. If they visit Hokkaido, they will surely think of us and get us a box or two of Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru premium potato chips and have them couriered back to us ASAP.  For someone like moi who cringe at the sight of those killer McD and KFC french fries (and all fast food french fries for that matter), I would somehow submit to Hokkaido’s Potato Farm’s potato chips.

Potato Farm’s chips look like petrified French fries. They also taste like them but are in concentrated form and very crispy. Each box has 10 packets of 18g chips and are slightly salted. Thank goodness the individual packets come in very small serving and contains only 108 calories (which I can easily jog away in the morning), else I can easily chomp away to a thousand calories when my tummy is growling with hunger or when I am stressed up. Yep, indulging in sinful snacks can help me to de-stress haha!



In the 2 boxes of parcels couriered back to us were also packs and packs of our favorite Whittaker’s Almond Gold Chocolate — in all sizes of packaging, including the latest bite-size ones.  This time, she also sent us Whittaker’s Hazelnut Slab, which tastes just as good as almond and I have been devouring on them for the past 3 days.  Fei sei lor!!  MIL bought the Whittaker’s chocs from New Zealand.



Meiji chocs, my all-time favorite Ferrero Rocher, Japanese chocs, Panettone Christmas bread, Japanese jellies (the girls’ favorite), Manuka honey and so much more goodies were in our 2 boxes of surprise.  I better not slacken in my exercise any further. During the 6-week long school holidays, I have chucked my daily exercise at the back-seat and shored up on some beauty sleep before the battle of school days begins again.  Now, I have to work out doubly hard!



Here’s wishing my SIL no. 1 and SIL no. 3 a very big thank you for all the goodies from Japan, New Zealand and Hong Kong!  Also thank you to SIL no. 4 from Hawaii for the lovely handmade gifts for us 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Boxes Of Goodies

  1. You are so lucky!! I should fwd this to my SIL (husb’s side, my own brother’s side is overly generous!) to drop a hint! I was buying Xmas presents for her kid for years and my kids got nothing! Oh well. I think I got the same Ferro chocs this year….very yum. If I end up with too many treats, I take them into work for the “vultures” to consume! Another downside here is all Xmas stuff, including chocs, are 1/2 price Dec 26…..very, very bad!

    1. If I am the one who is always giving and don’t get anything in return, I too will stop giving! Nonetheless, it’s a blessing to be able to give 🙂

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