Bread And Noodles Everyday

Sherilyn will be one very happy girl if she does not have to eat rice with dishes for dinner.

Here, she’s having mah mah’s homemade wholemeal bread with butter and meat floss for dinner. Whenever my mil is around, Sherilyn does not get to eat bread for dinner very often. The kids have to eat rice and whatever that she cooks.  As Sherilyn had to attend ballet class at 7pm and my mil had not yet finished cooking, she got to eat bread for dinner and I tell yer, she was one very happy and contented girl 😀

Sherilyn loves eating open sandwich with butter and meat floss these days. The meat floss that is crunchy comes with sesame seeds and seaweed. My mil bought it from Hong Kong.

If my mil would allow, Sherilyn would not mind eating bread and noodles every single day!

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