Breakfast Ritual

This is Alycia and Sherilyn’s breakfast ritual each morning – reading or playing jigsaw puzzles or drawing and writing on their Doodle Pro whilst they have their breakfast.

These pictures were taken yesterday morning:

Take a look at Alycia’s serious look as she was deeply engrossed reading this Peter and Jane series book. BTW, this book once belonged to my eldest brother Ray, me and my youngest brother Roy. Now, it’s with the gals.

Sherilyn is a replica of Alycia. Whatever her sister does, she’s sure to follow suit.

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4 thoughts on “Breakfast Ritual

  1. i now share with my brother the children’s book we had when we were smaller.

    The novels I had way back hs and college days are with my daughter now…

  2. hey, your girls wear those plastic bibs. how good is it? i always tot it looks funny until i saw your girls wearin em. looks cool leh.
    i bet if i put those on shern, he’ll definitely chuck it on the floor. already he doesn’t like cloth bibs, now mommy hands itchin want to buy plastic ones.

  3. I find those hard plastic bibs very useful coz my gals are messy eaters and so most of the food drop into the food catcher at the bottom of the bib. The hard plastic bibs are easy to wash & dry easily. If u get cloth ones, they tend to get mouldy after a few months. One downside of the hard bibs is that it’s quite hard & stiff and your child may feel uncomfy wearing it. The cloth ones are more comfy but not so practical, i.e. hard to dry and get mouldy.

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